What is really cool about the 5-megapixel camera on the Sony Xperia sola is that you can capture a frame really quick without bothering to unlock the device. Just hold down the camera shutter and a photo will be taken in under 2 seconds. Focus, however, is not precise at times, so use the feature only when speed is of importance.

When conditions are optimal, photos taken with the Sony Xperia sola and its 5-megapixel camera look pretty good, but in general, their quality is average. Exposure and color reproduction are mostly accurate, but fine details are somewhat blurry. When lights get dim, digital noise is quick to invade your photos.

Videos can be captured at 720p, and although they look sharp for the most part, there is a noticeable amount of pixelation, most likely due to compression.

Sony Xperia sola Sample Video:

Sony Xperia sola Indoor Sample Video:


This wouldn't have been a Sony smartphone if it didn't come with a fancy music player. And sure enough, the one present on the Xperia sola does not disappoint. It comes with a minimalistic interface, home screen widget, and always-on lock-screen controls available at the flick of a finger. Features such as searching for artist information, lyrics and video are included as well. On the back of the handset we have a single loudspeaker that is capable of outputting undistorted audio at a pretty high level when the xLOUD feature is turned on.

The video player might not look too fancy, but it played back any single file format we threw at it. Anything of resolution up to 720p ran smoothly and looked awesome with the Mobile BRAVIA engine turned on.

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