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Sony Xperia ion vs Samsung Galaxy S III

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Call Quality and Battery:

Sony Xperia ion vs Samsung Galaxy S III
We love that voices are crisp, audible, and noise-free on both ends of the line for these two high-end smartphones, but the differentiator in this category is the weak volume output with the Xperia ion’s earpiece and speakerphone.

Blessed with a newer chipset and the latest version of Android, the Samsung Galaxy S III manages to provide us with more battery life when connected via HSPA+. However, we can wholeheartedly agree that LTE connectivity turns them into battery chomping devices – thus, causing their batteries to deplete in no time at all.


As we take a look back on how these two smartphone perform in the various categories, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the clear winner when it comes to overall performance. Specifically, it has the combinational hardware punch and comprehensive software experience to make it cross the finish line ahead of the Sony Xperia ion. However, the Sony Xperia ion’s $100 on-contract pricing still makes it a valiant offering. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to settle for a mid-range spec’d device, the Xperia ion is still a valuable option for you. On the flip side, however, if you want to seriously experience the best that Android has to offer, you’ll want to stick with the Samsung Galaxy S III – even though it’s priced double than its rival at $200.

Sony Xperia ion vs Samsung Galaxy S III:


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