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Call Quality and Battery:

After placing several calls, it’s a toss-up as to which is the preferred choice with calling quality. On one hand, we’re presented with clear voices on both ends of the line with the Xperia ion, but we can’t hear them for the life of us since its volume output is pitifully weak. Meanwhile, there’s no volume issue with the LG Nitro HD, but we’re combating some crackle with its earpiece and choppy voices.

Compared to some of their highly esteemed rivals, these two handset offer below average battery life. In fact, we’re getting less than a single day out of a full charge with our normal usage consisting of mostly web browsing, email, text messaging, and the occasional phone call. Obviously, it doesn’t get better with 4G LTE, as the faster connection depletes battery like a starving animal on the prowl for a snack.


If money isn’t a concern to you, we’d recommend sticking with the Sony Xperia ion – despite being double the price at $99.99 on-contract. For the $50 price difference from its rival, you get a better looking smartphone that’s exceptionally more equipped in taking photos and videos. Beyond that, there are still some other key advantages found with it, like offering an unoccupied microSD slot, dedicated microHDMI port, and NFC. However, if you’re really strapped for cash, you can still get by using the LG Nitro HD, since it offers nearly the same functionality at half the cost. All in all, we can totally agree that you get a ton of value with these two without forking over most of the money from your paycheck.

Sony Xperia ion vs LG Nitro HD Video Comparison:

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