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Sony Xperia ion vs HTC One X

Posted: , posted by John V.


Call Quality and Battery:

Sony Xperia ion vs HTC One X
Loving the clear and tonal voices experienced on both ends of the line with the two, our only gripe in calling quality is simply their weak sounding earpieces, which is nearly impossible to use in noisy outdoor environments.

In our experience, we’re able to get more juice out of the HTC One X. In fact, it’s able to achieve over a single days of normal usage on a full charge, while the Sony Xperia ion taps out in less than a day. However, you’ll want to keep an eye out when connected to LTE, since both eat precious juice like it’s their job.


As we look at their specs and price point, most people would instantly agree that the Sony Xperia ion offers more value for the buck, which is true thanks to its attractive $100 cost. Therefore, if you’re limited with your budget, the Sony Xperia ion is undeniably a great handset that offers all of the modern conveniences of a top-shelf smartphone. However, as we look at the overall package, the HTC One X proves its worth through it all – and that’s despite being priced at $200! Absolutely paying double the price, it’s justified thanks to its more favorable design, stunning display, and newer processor. Well, it doesn’t end there, as it flaunts the most up-to-date Android version, while being enhanced thanks to Sense 4.0. So yeah, there’s a premium attached to the HTC One X, but surely enough, it’s worth every penny!


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