The Sony Xperia P is well capable of taking some great-looking photos with its 8-megapixel camera. Even though we took our outdoor samples on a gloomy day, the images were rich in detail and the color balance was accurate enough. The automatic scene selection worked pretty well so in 9 out of 10 cases we ended up with a properly exposed photograph. When taking photos indoors, image quality degrades noticeably, yet low-light smartphone photos rarely look good as a whole.

When light is plentiful, focusing times are very short and the shutter lag is under half a second. In low-light conditions, however, the camera surely takes its time, which is why focusing can take well over a second.

By holding down the dedicated camera button, you can take photos straight from the lock screen, and it is nice to see that the feature works like a charm almost every time. Less than 2 seconds are required for the camera to boot up, to focus on an object, and to capture a frame.

As far as videos are concerned, 1080p footage looks okay, but the continuous auto-focus rarely serves its purpose if a close-by object is introduced in front of the camera. There is a front-facing VGA camera present, but its quality is mediocre at best.

Sony Xperia P Sample Video - stabilizer off:

Sony Xperia P Sample Video - stabilizer on:

Sony Xperia P Indoor Sample Video:


Sony has thrown in a music player of its own, and we are pretty happy with it. The interface is simplistic, a useful home screen widget is present, and controlling the music playback can be done at any time from the lock screen. In addition, you gen an equalizer and a few other audio tweaks. Support for lossless audio is missing at the moment, but it will come along with the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

The video player does not boast a fancy interface, but it plays back any file format we have to throw at it. Anything of resolution up to 720p runs smoothly and looks really nice

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