Call quality:

Sony has equipped the Xperia J with an excellent earpiece that delivers clear, undistorted voice tones even when the volume is turned all the way up. The microphone, however, leaves something to be desired. On the other side of the line, our voice is fairly easy to make out, but quite a lot of background noise gets picked up.

Battery life:

Behind the back cover of the Sony Xperia J is tucked a 1,750 battery, which is actually quite a lot of charge considering that mid-rangers rarely pass the 1,500mAh mark. You can expect getting some very good mileage with it as the handset is rated for 7.5 hours of 3G talk time. In stand-by mode, the smartphone will last for well over two weeks on a single charge.


Don't even bother, guys. We know that the Sony Xperia J seems like a worthy pick, especially since it carries a very reasonable price tag, but chances are you'll be disappointed by what you'll get in exchange. For a lower mid-range smartphone, the device has a decent battery life and a good-looking display, but that's pretty much it. The sub-par performance is really the deal breaker in this case, so our advise is to start looking for an alternative.

For example, give the Sony Xperia sola a try if you are looking for an affordable Android device from Sony, or just add a few bucks more and pick the Sony Xperia P. Both of them have better chips ticking inside them and can take photos that are actually pleasant to look at. The HTC Desire X is also a well-made mid-range handset with satisfactory performance thanks to its dual-core 1GHz processor.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android 4.0.4, Build number: 11.0.A.3.18

Sony Xperia J Video Review:


  • Good display
  • Relatively decent battery life
  • Cheap


  • Performance is below par
  • Horrible camera
  • The lack of light sensor means you have to adjust the screen brightness manually
  • Annoying physical buttons

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