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Call quality:

If there's anything that the Sony Xperia E dual excels at, that would be handling calls. We were genuinely pleased by the loud and clear voice tones emitted by its earpiece, and the call quality was equally great on the other side of the line. Note that our testing was done on a carrier that doesn't offer “HD voice” on its network – a feature that the smartphone boasts.

Battery life:

With a removable battery of 1,500mAh, the Sony Xperia E dual should deliver a tad over 6 hours of continuous talk time. Also, it is rated for 8 hours of video playback or 33 hours of listening to music. These are all pretty average figures, so don't expect any miracles out of the handset in terms of battery life. You can, however, bring down its power consumption by enabling the Extended Standby mode, which turns off unneeded connectivity features when the handset isn't in use. That can extend the smartphone's stand-by time to well over 3 weeks, at least in theory.


The Sony Xperia E dual was born to be used for voice calls. It offers outstanding call quality and can handle two SIM cards simultaneously, meaning that those who own it can take advantage of two carriers' deals, thus saving some cash along the way. Besides, its performance isn't too bad, so it can be a decent entry-level handset for users on a tight budget.

We can't omit mentioning that its camera and display are of very low quality, but considering what the Sony Xperia E dual costs, we can't view them as too big of drawbacks. As a matter of fact, you'll have a hard time finding a better dual-SIM phone offered at this price point.

Still, if your budget can handle it, there are dual-SIM smartphones far superior to the Sony Xperia E dual. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos and HTC Desire V, for example, both come with much better screens and can take better photos. In case you don't insist on having dual-SIM support, the Sony Xperia U costs about the same as an Xperia E dual.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android 4.0.4
Build: 11.1.A.0.64

Sony Xperia E dual Video Review:


  • Dual SIM phone
  • Great call quality


  • Low quality display
  • Mediocre camera

PhoneArena Rating:


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