No arguing it’s becoming a theme throughout the Sony Tablet P, the camera interface is broken down to one part being a gallery, while the other is simply the viewfinder. On the top screen, we’re given an interface that mimics the look of a camera roll, which gives us a preview of shots that we’ve taken. Conversely, the bottom screen is reserved for the simplistic looking viewfinder interface. Although it’s not deep with its selection, some will find the available camera options to be useful for fine-tuning shots for the correct situation.

Somehow, we’re not all that taken by surprise with the poor quality images that its 5-megapixel auto-focus camera produces. Of course, we’re talking about a tablet here, so we’re obliged to be forgiving. However, we can’t get over the disappointing results, as details are extremely soft looking, while its color reproduction tends to be a bit distorted – especially under indoor settings with artificial lighting. And you can forget attempting to use it in low lighting, because it’s remarkably grainy and noisy in appearance.

Even worse, its 720p video capture lacks the look of being regarded as high definition – that’s mainly due to its soft details and heavy artifacting. Diminishing its quality even further, its audio recording is a tad bit on the hollow side. So again, please, really, stay away from recording videos with this.

Sony Tablet P Sample Video:


Refreshing on so many levels, the custom music player found with the Sony Tablet P is both eye catching and functional. Actually, it’s the same one found with the Tablet S, but it has been enhanced again to make use of the two screens – where one allows us to interact with our catalog, while the other plays the song. Unfortunately, the good fortunes don’t extend to its audio quality, as its audio output is one of the weakest on any device we’ve heard.

Before fathoming about watching videos on the Sony Tablet P, our brain was already thinking about how it would execute the experience – and unfortunately, there’s no right way going about it. Specifically, the video is only viewed on the top screen, since the bottom one is reserved for its controls. Initially, we were disappointed to find it lacking the ability to be viewed in full screen, but the more we thought about its distracting bezel, it made us realize this is the best route. Looking over our test video encoded in DivX 1280 x 720, it moves swimmingly with no issues plaguing it whatsoever.

Sadly, there’s no physical video-out function with this one, just like the Sony Tablet S. However, Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services are available to give us a decent dose of multimedia fun. And as an alternative, the tablet offers DLNA functionality to share our multimedia content with other devices wirelessly.


Honestly, there aren’t a whole lot of preloaded third party apps on the Sony Tablet P, but the few ones that are available include Evernote and Foursquare. Naturally, we find the usual Google branded suspects, but aside from that, AT&T’s presence is known in apps like AT&T Connection Manager and myAT&T. Above all, we’re extremely saddened to not find or have access to the YouTube app with Honeycomb – meaning, we have to rely on the web browser to get our fix of YouTube.

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