Sony Ericsson Yendo Preview

A very similar to the Xperia X8 (and at the same time entirely different) product emerged on the horizon – the Sony Ericsson Yendo. It is a compact touchscreen handset, made entirely of plastic, with a soft-touch matte coating on the back...
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1. mobfrenzy unregistered

should i buy this phone as i am looking forward to a touchscreen phone having good internet speed and music playback

2. bummy unregistered

they already mentioned that internet speed is limited to EDGE. x8 might be closer to what you want. My suggestion is x10 with LiveView! (when it comes out =D)

4. midzan unregistered

it has just 5 mb internal memory??? it can download and installing Opera Mini?? i hope this unit not like SE w205 : always restart,can not save and instal the other applications, and very very slow, because his 5 mb internal memory..

5. OverRatedChild unregistered

This phone doesn't seem worth it. If you really want A good touchscreen experience with a low price, these Four phones seem morw worth it: 1. Samsung Galaxy 5 -Android 2.2 -Essentially same specs, but with alot less lag -WiFi, 3G 2. Sony Ericsson X8 -Android 2.1/1.6 -Better Screen resolution -Less Lag -3MP Camera 3. Sony Ericsson X10 mini -Android 2.1 -Same screeb Resolution -WiFi -3G -5MP Camera 4. Samsung Galaxy 3 -Exactly same as Galaxy 5, but: -Better Resolution -3MP Camera So don't bother with the Yendo, as sure, it will have a Lower price, but for 50 USD more you could have a phone with much more features.

6. sam unregistered

what is the exact price and when n where it will be available in stores.????

7. Yoma unregistered

its cost is 5000

8. yo unregistered

its gd but not dat gd does it include internet in it m gonna get it sooooooo neeed 2 no u c plz do reply

9. Saket Kumar unregistered

I had bought yendo,but i am totally shocked about it that yendo is lack of basic functionality. Lack of functionality:: 1. I am unable to delete the contact(both name and number) of some person already added. 2. It does not provide the facility to make playlist of personal selected songs. Please suggest me on this, my email id::

10. user sony ericsson unregistered

how to delete messeges in inbox in sony yendo

11. mohdhamid

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 30, 2012

It's So Simple:- just follow these steps:- Simply press two times on received msg, Then 1 window will pop-up, there is option to delete the particular msg or entire msgs..

12. akarsh

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 06, 2012

is the screen space(size) is comfortable? what about the speed? what about the camera? is it easy to use? i thik the screen size is too low
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