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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Review

0. phoneArena posted on 02 Dec 2008, 07:53

Windows Mobile has always been a powerful but clunky OS, but recently we’ve seen manufacturer efforts to clean it up and make it more user-friendly. Sony Ericsson has thus far stayed out of the WinMo realm, but with the Xperia X1 they are making a splash on both fronts. They have developed a new panel interface to match the X1’s svelte design. It has the rich feature set you’d expect from a high-end device, with many connectivity options and...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Esa (unregistered)

And there you have it!

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 08:59

2. Jyakotu (unregistered)

Far superior smartphone than either the Blackberry Storm or Apple iPhone.

posted on 09 Jan 2009, 09:30

21. Spaceman (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 Jan 2009)

except that - for a quality phone, the signal reception is rubbish! I have an X1 on o2 and it's way worse than my HTC p3300 - and that wasn't good. Also, although it is very good in other respects, it is fiddly to use - definitely NOT finger friendly!

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 12:44

3. (unregistered)

How is it compared to HTC Touch HD - definitely the two top phones today? Aside from the specs - not having an accelerometer, 3" vs 3.8" and 3MP vs. 5MP cam, and on the other hand - having a full QWERTY and a nicer build (imho), how is the overall actual quality? Has anyone had a chance to compare the two of them side by side?

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 14:39

4. (unregistered)

the guys xda have developed a TouhchFLO3F Panel for the X1. So you can have TouchFLO 3D graphics on the X1 now.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 18:22

5. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

when is it coming to vzw?

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 21:08

7. (unregistered)

ah, another "when is it coming to vzw?" guy... just stfu and get iphone...

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 07:51

11. (unregistered)

It will come to VZW in one word: "Never."

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 08:05

12. Jyakotu (unregistered)

Never. The phone will either stay a product that's sold unlocked or AT&T will probably carry it.

posted on 07 Dec 2008, 18:12

19. (unregistered)

The Samsung Omnia is Verizons version of this phone. I doubt that it will be on verizons line up. However the Omnia is also a very sweet phone. Obviously lacking the keyboard but non the less a very powerful WM device. i have one & mine now has 24 gbs of memory & everything else this sony has.. but it has the other feature where it doesnt drop calls. oh yeah its called a way better network.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 20:48

6. (unregistered)

they gave this a 9 in beauty and gave the lg renoir a 5?!?! this thing is FAT and clunky!!!! my brother has this phone i know!!!

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 23:28

8. (unregistered)

you do realize that they have several reviewers, right? if nothing else, the fact that half the reviews (like the renoir) are in broken english should be a dead give away. but if you actually read all their reviews there are distinct stylistic differences beyond broken and good english

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 05:31

9. (unregistered)

what? This one has 8 and renoir has 5 as well?!

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 05:31

10. (unregistered)

I mean renoir has 8, not 5 - i checked it now

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 14:54

13. jake (unregistered)

What about the battery cover? How do you remove the battery cover without damaging the device?

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 00:17

14. (unregistered)

what about the screen... how to throw it from the 5th floor without breaking it!

posted on 05 Dec 2008, 03:49

17. (unregistered)

well, if there is anybody catching it on the ground floor then the screen might be saved. Not sure about the hands though... LOL

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 14:07

15. (unregistered)

Nokia N97 all day

posted on 07 Dec 2008, 07:18

18. Bart (unregistered)

of course, because a device that no one has seen in real life or used yet easily beats all other devices.

posted on 05 Dec 2008, 03:47

16. LW (unregistered)

Have played it a couple of times and have to say that this phone is really slow. When you switch panelsit shows a static picture of the panel first which makes you thinks it's fast but the actual panel takes some more seconds to render. Really don't like this delay. You have to have some patience when using it. It's fun to play with it in the begining, but the fun doesn't last more than a couple of hours. Just my 2 cents

posted on 14 Dec 2008, 12:50

20. iff2mastamatt (unregistered)

Finally, a comment posted worth reading. Thanks dude.

posted on 24 Mar 2009, 15:16 1

22. aks316 (Posts: 9; Member since: 24 Mar 2009)

i have it and its awesome.. love SE..

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