Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Preview


The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is the second handset of the manufacturer running Microsoft’s operating system. Similarly to the Xperia X1, the phone comes with a panel interface, but the personalization pack permeates the OS menus way deeper. Alongside of the Samsung OmniaPRO B7610, we had to confront the face of WM more frequently, but still, this is a preview of a prototype unit, so we would rather reserve judgment until we´ve had the chance to see a final, retail version. Let´s just keep browsing.

The menu that´s called up when you press the key below the send button sports different panels and personalized submenus dedicated to multimedia, calendar, messaging and call register. The title of the track you´re listening to gets displayed at the bottom of the screen and pressing the info tab brings the music controls on your display. We do like that.

We came across several really interesting panels while browsing the ones that came preloaded on the XPERIA X2. Tilewave is made by Sony Ericsson and is a pile of 3D cubes and rectangles - some of them are shortcuts to functions and applications, others just lend color to the interface. We couldn’t find a way to personalize them though, but pressing any plays a really cool lighting effect.

The Pixel City panel is visualized as a city and its different buildings are shortcuts to phone functions, but once again, they cannot be personalized. The most useful panel we found was SPB Mobile Shell that delivers the full functionality of SPB Mobile Shell 3.0. The home screen is quite similar to the one found on Android OS when the Shell is in “Lifestyle” mode - you have a single wallpaper spanning over three pages that host widgets and application shortcuts. There is “Professional” mode that takes just two screen presses to run, or alternatively, you can slide your finger up or downwards. It has only one home screen and looks better suited for business users, because it displays information relating to business. Of course, the panel that visualizes the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 interface is also available – MS Today.

The other panels are much simpler in terms of functionality – you have Facebook, CNN, YouTube and Google, so we are not going to discuss them in the current preview.

There are new things in the phonebook as well. Its standard WM 6.5 interface has been changed completely and we must say the personalized version looks much better. Your contacts list supports kinetic scrolling, you´ve got a handy search pane at the top and letter band on the right, so searching is quite fast indeed. It´s a cool thing there are icons that call up your favorite contacts and call history on screen.

The only browser available on out prototype is Internet Explorer 6. We would rather hold back our comments until we´ve managed to get our hands on a retail unit, but in any case, we would definitely like to see at least one preloaded alternative when the final version of the XPERIA X2 arrives.

Camera and Multimedia:
At the time of this preview, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 is the only Windows-based handset featuring 8-megapixel camera. Alongside of the X1, the handset comes with a revamped camera interface and larger icons that go with the overall style of the X2 much better. You´ve got quite a few options at your fingertips, but the touch focus is certainly the most noticeable. Despite using just a prototype, we took several stills so as to get an idea of to expect. Still, we would recommend that you don´t jump the gun.

The music player has got itself an entirely new, simplified interface. It sports a stylish overall look and we do like it. On the flip side, it offers content filtering and basic music control options only, meaning without any extra features like equalizers or sound effects. The video player interface has also been improved and looks simplified as compared to the Xperia X1.

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