During the time we used W910, we were satisfied by its speed of operating, menu handling, and folder opening. There were no messages to politely request waiting until something has been loaded or opened – ones that are fairly unnerving most of the times. This phone, as well as the older Sony Ericsson models, allows you to easily update the software online, through the so-called Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS). It takes just a few steps to check whether a newer version is available on the Internet and then you proceed with the updating; if no updates are available, the program informs you accordingly. Thus you can easily deal with software problems without visiting the service and, furthermore, you do not lose the settings that you have already made.

Despite acquiring a great deal of various functions, mobile phones still rely on one most important feature – that of securing a high-quality and trouble-free calls. The signal reception of W910 is medium (4.5 of 10) – similar to that of K770 and slightly lower compared to K850, for example. The overall impression from the unit’s performance during conversation is good: the volume is a little above average and voices – clearly audible and realistic, though without high frequency. At the other end the volume is higher, but speech sounds monotonously and void of high frequency, either.

Sony Ericsson W910 is equipped with a li-ion battery (BST-39), whose capacity of 920 mAh, according to the manufacturer, is expected to support up to 9 hours of talk time or 350 hours of stand-by time in GSM networks, while in 3G ones talking is reduced to 3.5 hours. In reality, the phone endures 5.2 hours of non-stop conversation at maximum volume, provided there is good area coverage of the respective operator. Despite being far shorter than the officially stated 9 hours, this achievement is fairly good, in fact the same as that of another multimedia phone – Samsung F500. And we will not leave out the following remark: it is a fact that W910’s performance was the poorest among all the models of Sony Ericsson, tested by us in recent moths.


The impression that Sony Ericsson left with us W910 is positive rather than negative. It is indeed a very pleasant Walkman phone featuring a gorgeous color combination, slim design, and a good display, about its only drawback being the camera. Of course, it is not a Cyber-shot, so demanding perfect photos can be a bit too much; however, it is normal that a high-class phone’s resources should not be so mediocre in this respect.

Sony Ericsson W910 is mostly a music phone, already starring the new Walkman 3.0 software. Its orientation sensor is one more enjoyable feature, securing the ShakeMe and autorotation functions.


  • Orientation sensor
  • Very slim – only 12.5mm/0.5”
  • Good display, visible at direct sunlight


  • A mediocre camera

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