When we first saw the W910, we immediately took it for a slider-W880 – just like it, the new one is very slim (12.5mm/0.5”), has small keys, and aggressive but sexy look, thanks to the deep red color of the housing. Another version replaces the red with black, and looks calmer, but in our opinion less attractive.

You can carry the slim slider in a pocket with no worries, and you will appreciate the weight of 3 oz (86 grams). It also sits comfortably in the palm, and sliding it up to open is a real pleasure – the spring assisted mechanism is comparatively strong to secure the smooth sliding.

ModelDimension (Inches)Dimension (mm)Weight (oz)Weight (Gramms)
Sony Ericsson W9103.90" x 2.0" x 0.50"99.5 x 50 x 12.53.086
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic4.30" x 2.0" x 0.70"108 x 50.5 x 17.34.0115
Sony Ericsson W8804.0" x 1.80" x 0.40"103 x 46.5 x 9.42.5071

The display is with size of 2.44 inches, has 262k colors and QVGA resolution. It is very bright unit, and put next to the 6120 classic, makes the latter look as a phone from a previous generation – it is darker and the colors are not that vivid, the images doesn’t look alive, as they on the W910. But this display also has drawbacks – the colors. In the Nokia display with 16 million colors we can see graceful transition from one hue to another; with the W910 we have choppy frames. That lack of colors can hardly be noted looking at normal images – as we’ve said, they look very well. The preloaded images with the phone make its display look superb! When we compare it to another Sony Ericsson display, the 2.1" unit of the W580, we see that the W910's one needs more contrast.

Right below is the keyboard, with the navigation keys on the upper slider and the 12 numeric buttons on the bottom one. All of them are in red color, merging with the look of the phone as a whole, but the silver directional pad, with the music functionality shown on it. The two soft keys are combined in common shape with respectively the answer/reject keys. They are very small, but are pressed softly and have good relief. If you have big fingers – it would be a problem, but otherwise, they work fine. Still, we don’t encourage making some of the most used keys that small.

Right below are the shortcut and clear keys, which are with the same size.

The numeric keys on the bottom slider are totally flat but we may live with this, if they were not hard to press and lacking any tactile feedback. All buttons are back-lit in white (with the exception of the green and red receivers), and there is one more interesting feature: while playing music the keys of the upper slider are illuminated in orange – a color reminiscent of the first Walkman phones of the company. We saw this in W660 as well and it also reminds us of the Cyber-shots, which are lit in blue in when in camera mode.

The right side houses holes for a strap, volume rocker, slot for M2 card and the camera shutter key. On the left side, alone is the standard Sony Ericsson multi-purpose connector. We are not very happy with this, as some accessories designed for most phones of the brand won’t work, as it is with the W880.

Interesting solution is the battery cover, which has a Lock, in order to be stable. It is small and thin piece of plastic, but even this locking mechanism can’t make it stand still without any play. On the back, besides the battery, there is the SIM card slot. Taking it out is a real challenge and trial for one’s nerves. The problem is that once inserted, the card remains almost entirely inside, with only a few millimeters sticking out. This is utterly insufficient for holding and pulling it out with ease, especially for those with bigger fingers.

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