Sony Ericsson W902 Review

Software and Features:

The software is the same as the C905 and W980, or in other words, it is the newest version offered by SE. On the start screen, you can put animated wallpapers, but there are also two applications that can be visualized on it. The Standby World Clock 3D shows the time in three cities with a background picture, showing which part of the day it is there, and the second application is called Walk Mate which counts the number of steps you make during the day. This is a very interesting idea, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly. Quite often it only reports 1/3 of the number of steps you have taken during the specific day. 

In this review we won’t discuss the boring stuff such as the organizer, the phone book, etc., because they are the same as the C905 and frankly, this is not what the phone is all about. However, the music is! All media options are gathered in groups in the flash menu we’ve seen before. The music player is Walkman 3.0, which we first found in the W910 and later the W890. It allows you to sort your tunes by artist, album, song, genre and create your own playlists. Everyone has personal preference as per how the music should sound, so having an equalizer is a good idea. In the W902 we found nine preloaded ones and the option to add your own ones and the stereo widening.

OK, it looks like we have a good variety of settings, but what is the sound quality? As we expected, the quality is good. The HPM-77 earphones included in the package provide quality insulation from background noises, have good bass and clear highs, but still, your ears won’t bleed from a sound too loud. Let's not forget that music is something we are happy to share with our friends. For that purpose, the phone is equipped with only one loudspeaker, which although producing quality sound is not very loud.

The phone plays H.264 and H.263 encoded videos well. The resolution that brought us best results was the one of the display, and it is more than enough. At higher bitrate (512 kbps) the sound does not correspond to the picture and the videos are choppy. We recommend converting your files by using the software included in the package or to compress them in one of the two formats at the bitrate indicated above.  In addition there’s an integrated YouTube player with a user-friendly interface, through which you’ll be able to go through the largest internet site for clips.

We were about to forget that the phone has a built-in FM Radio. This is a quite handy function if you care about the news or just want to hear something different from your tunes. Its interface is not very beautiful but we can’t call it ugly;  it’s simply functional. It shows the frequency of the station you have tuned in to and its name via RDS. On top of that there’s also an automatic search option, which will store up to 20 of the radio stations available.

It’s the camera’s turn. It is the first Walkman phone to feature a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. It also has the Photo Flash we know from the C902. The interface of the camera is the same as found on the C905 and K850; it’s equipped with a big variety of options and is quite easy to use. Still, this is not the most important thing for a camera. First of all, it has to provide quality pictures. The outdoor images are similar to the results of the K850, which delivered an average performance in our 5-megapixel cameraphone comparison. The detail level is not perfect and there’s heavy noise but at least the colors are saturated and real. Indoors, the situation is not much different with a lot of noise and lack of detail. The flash doesn’t contribute much for the better quality and is useful only at about 3 feet. If you try to shoot an object at 6 or 12 ft, its effect will be barely noticeable. Overall, we are not impressed and the 5-megapixels do not bring much improvement in contrast to the W890’s 3.2 megapixel shooter.

The video recording is the same as the C905. QVGA is the maximum resolution, which is good but far from enough. Nowadays, more and more phones can record videos in VGA and even DVD resolution and we think it’s time for Sony Ericsson to work on that.

Web browsing on the go has become ever so popular and this requires better mobile browsers. Sony Ericsson has taken this under consideration and we are very happy. The pages visualize very well; the text shrinks so it can be read without the need for constant horizontal scrolling, and the # activates the panning mode. This is an excellent browser for a non-touchscreen phone.

Everybody loves games no matter the age.  The W902 comes with three full versions, which is nice. In FMX III you have to complete various missions on a cross motorcycle,  and in Jewel Quest II you score points by destroying three or more from the variety of precious stones (think: Bejewled.)  The third game is the latest from EA’s long-running Need for Speed franchise.   We like all three of them and we think you’ll be able to loose a few hours playing them easily.

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1. KJ unregistered

You gave this a higher score than the W980? Your site is disappointing me more and more by the day.

2. unregistered

i think this is a cool phone for young ppl and better than w980 becuz of the camera

3. GTR83 unregistered

actually the W902 is indeed better than W980.
  • Display 2.2" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.025 GB
  • Battery 930 mAh(4.00h 3G talk time)

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