In the messages field you will find not only the text and multimedia messages, but extras like e-mail, My Friends (instant messenger) and an RSS reader as well. The electronic mail can be used while on the move with POP3, as well as IMAP4 servers. The RSS reader is convenient and easy option to look at an interesting Internet site without having to download it all; the RSS content will enable you to receive only certain information. My Friends is a chat messenger that combines your contacts from the other popular messengers (including MSN, ICQ, AOL, and Yahoo) in one shared program on the telephone. In order to start using it you need register free in



The local connection to other telephones is done only thru Bluetooth so long as this model lacks Infrared. Clearly Sony Ericsson have at last decided to follow suit and do as Motorola and Nokia did – stop using this technology, which is already obsolete. Bluetooth version 2 is supported, supposed to provide the highest transfer speed; and thanks to the A2DP profile music can be played thru a wireless stereo system or headphones of the same standard.

One of the weaknesses of W880 is the network support, since it is a tri-, not quad-band telephone – therefore not usable on all continents. Thus its operation is restricted to Europe and Asia, not America, and the same restriction applies to the 3G support as well. The latter provides for fast Internet connection and the option for video conversations. This is feasible due to the second camera located on the front panel.

Despite the small-sized display you will not be disappointed by the Internet browser in case you use the UMTS connection. However, in an area not covered by 3G you need to rely entirely on the slow GPRS in view of the fact that the telephone does not support the intermediate EDGE level. The QVGA resolution demonstrates here its advantages, visualizing quite a large portion of the desired site. The browser disposes of two options: either an optimized viewing in a single column without horizontal scroll (altering the original image), or a real HTML – the way you would see it on a computer. We preferred the latter and chose to view pages in landscape screen orientation and with the full screen mode on. The Internet is definitely usable and the only unpleasant thing about it is the small display, which, in our opinion, would prevent users from logging on frequently. However, if need be, it will do its job.



1. azaas unregistered

this phone is desperatelly pretty.I know there are flaws but wich phone doesn't have flaws?Sure it lacks a flash and a miror.Sound quality also is mediocre with the standar headset.But it comes with 1 gb m2 stick,so i guess the money you'll save from buying a mem stick you could use it at buying a better headset. But as i said in the begining if what you're looking for is above all a good looking phone,then that's the one to buy for sure.It's extremelly slim,very light and as a true SE phone very easy to fall in love with...well,at least i have and i'm sure you'll too get there once you get it

2. Milky unregistered

I do think you are a tad harsh in this review. Motorola, Samsung and LG phones are far from mainstream yet (IMHO) The only true players are SonyE and Nokia. Nokia's attempt at a functional solid sexy phone are the incredibly expensive Siroco units (8800?) This offering from SonyE is amazing, sexy, solid functional and affordable too. I've read many reviews about it and all seem to give it high regard. I think for the size, what it can achieve is outstanding. I have Java applets running my gmail, my Microsoft Live services, including hotmail. It also supports SYNCML which ties in with your google calendar using GooSync. All in all very useable if you needed email, cal, contacts and web in a sexy but small package. If you want any more functionality while mobile it works splendid with a bluetooth connection and a Palm TX! I say all this as I have just in the past two weeks gone from SonyE P990i, to a O2 XDA Orbit, and now happily rest at the gorgeous W880i and my Palm TX, defo the best choice for Christian Dior's with a techy edge ;-)

3. mully unregistered

The sound is compressed, squashed and horrible. and through headphones at full volume just sounds like a muddy mess. A pretty phone but my old W800i sounds infinitely better!!!! Why do SE have to ruin it???!!! Argh. Sending mine back tomorrow.

4. Chez unregistered

I been using the W880 for about 6 months now. Its a great phone in my opinion if you use the phone a lot for talking. I really got this for the size and the look. Camera and music player is only average but the screen resolution is pretty good.

5. Sarah Daly unregistered

I bought this phone 4 weeks ago and can honestly say I utterly detest it. I will frustratingly, be replacing it with a Nokia or Motorola phone instead. I find the predictive texting a complete pain in comparison to the Motorola SLVR I had been using for the past 12 months or other brands of mobile phones used before this.. It seems archaic and incredible frustrating in this area for a plethora of reasons. Yes it looks good - hence the main reason I chose it. Also the sales assistant sang it's praises on the MP3 player front - which was of no interest to me as I use an I-Pod. However, I have found out of the 7 or so mobiles I have used over the past 10 years, the Sony Ericsson W880, is in my opinion; Useless. The buttons are way too small unless one has the thumbs of a toddler and by the time I've managed to write a reasonable length text, I have restrained myself from frustratingly dumping it in the garbage/throwing it across the room. As someone who has never used a Sony Ericsson phone before, I find the general interface is confusing, complicated and very user-unfriendly.. All in all I would give it a 2 out of 10 - the 2 being awarded purely for the visual design... It may excel as an MPS player but if one is looking for a mobile phone for the purpose of actually telephoning or texting someone - please do yourself a favour and do not buy this attractive lump of muck.
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.016 GB
  • Battery 950 mAh(6.50h talk time)

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