Overall the W810 works very fast without almost any slowing down while browsing through the menu; it is very responsive and on a good level. There is a little wait when starting heavier applications such as the Walkman player, the FM Radio or the Camera, but the wait is definitely not annoying.

The signal strength is one of the strong sides of the W810. During the test it did not loose the network nor did it drop a call even in areas with lower than the regular signal.

The sound on the other side is not that good. In happened that during a call, even in not a very noisy environment, it was hard to hear our caller or we were hearing so low, that it was hard to understand what was said. We even considered using the speakerphone in order to manage a phone call. In a noisy environment that is almost impossible without using a headset. The speakerphone is relatively strong and with a good clear sound without much extra noise. The sound level of the melodies, as well as the sound of the music playback is strong and the music sounds good, and the vibration is there so that you do not miss a call even in a noisy environment.

The battery life is good. During our tests it held for 3 days of lots of usage of the phone and its menus, taking pictures with the camera, using the Bluetooth and lots of playback of music through the speakerphone. During more normal usage the battery held for 4 days, which is not little at all for such a class of phones. The charging is done by using the charger or the USB connection to the computer.

Similar to its predecessor, the W810 bets mainly on the multimedia options - the music player and the camera, without leaving behind the business applications such as the pleasant phone book and a fairly good organizer. In relatively small sizes it includes not bad options, but sadly it keeps the same display and camera like the W800, and it would be better to use newer and higher quality modules. Sadly it has a few drawbacks that take away from the good impression, such as the make, the level of the sound during calls and a not very functional music player. Overall the W810 is one good multimedia phone with both pleasant design and options.

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  • Fast response and browsing of the menu
  • Beautiful themes, which give you a great deal of personalization options
  • Lots of features in a relatively small size


  • Not good make of the panel
  • Weak sound during calls
  • Slow transfer from a computer

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