Ok, so with the W800i being marketed as a music phone, this is where you would expect the major differences between it and the K750i. Well at a glance, you wouldn't really find any; The W800i plays the same formats of music as the K750i, Yes, the W800i comes with a much bigger memory stick, but nothing is stopping K750i owners from buying a 512mb duo pro card to equal that of the W800i. The battery life on both handsets is virtually the same as they use the same battery type and similar power consumption levels, so is there really a difference in the MP3 players on both devices?

Well I would say for the average music listener who just wants to use the W800i's MP3 player occasionally and perhaps has an i-pod which they use the majority of the time, the answer would be NO, no real major difference.

However, for those that will be using the W800i's music functions very heavily and as their primary source of portable music (i.e. they do not have an i-pod or similar type device) then the answer to the original question would be an emphatic YES.

First of all, the MP3 software used on the W800i is much more advanced than that of the K750i. On the W800i you have an option to separate all the music on your phone/card into different categories such as artist name or track name. This is especially useful if you pack your 512mb memory stick full with music and want to search for a particular song. Going through 120 tracks in 1 folder in no particular order could take a while if you are searching for a specific song.

Also, if you use the play/pause button at the side of the handset, this will immediately start the last selected music track or pause the music if it is currently playing. Although the K750i had this function, it would only work if the handsfree kit was plugged into the phone. This is quite silly as if you were listening to the MP3 player using your handset's loud speaker, this function would be totally pointless. Sony Ericsson obviously realised this and have now changed it on the W800i so that you can play or stop a song at anytime with just 1 press of a dedicated play/pause button.

Secondly, the actual sound quality of the MP3 player on the W800i is much better than the K750i. When you take into consideration that the latter mentioned model has an excellent MP3 player anyway, it gives you a strong indication of how good the W800i's one is. Music tracks sound very, very ‘clean' and ‘crisp' with an excellent amount of base and treble. Volume level again is very loud but tracks still remain clear even at high volume levels. If you use the manual equalizer, you can further enhance the sound to give a superb listening experience.

Thirdly, the supplied headphones that comes with the W800i has been designed to complement the phone's excellent sound level that the MP3 player produces by adding further sound quality and also giving users output options on where you play your music.

The headphones are the ‘in-ear buds' that are specially designed to drastically reduce background noise. They are comfortable, work extremely well and the length of the cord is just the right size; not too long, not too short.

For those not satisfied there, the hands free kit has been designed with the option of removing the supplied in ear earphones and replacing them with your favourite earphones. This has been made possible by designing a 3.5mm jack port on the handsfree kit which then allows you to plug in any 3.5mm audio output device. The beauty of this is you have so many options of how you listen to your music. You can use earphones, big over head headphones, or connect your phone to external speakers. You can even connect your phone to any auxiliary port (with the correct leads) and play the music on your W800i through a home hi-fi system or even in your car. As the sound quality is so good, you can't even tell it's coming from the phone and if you were not in the know, would assume it was just coming from the hi-fi or car stereo.

Apart from all of the above, the really good thing about the 3.5mm adapter, is that the answering button for calls and microphone is attached to it. This means no matter how you are listening to the music on your W800i, if you receive an incoming call, you will always be able to answer it and speak without having to change handsfree kits.

A combination of these enhancements in terms of sound quality that the W800i has creates a big overall positive difference to that of the K750i. Personally I feel that the quality of MP3's played on the W800i is better than the vast majority of individual MP3 players let alone other handsets with MP3 capabilities.



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  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(9.00h talk time)

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