The W800i comes with a 512mb memory stick. This is 8 times larger in capacity than the included 64mb you get with the K750i. For a phone that is marketed around its music capabilities, 512mb is a more than adequate size for music, image & video storage. It equates to approximately 120 tracks on your phone, which is around 10 albums.

There are not many devices on the market today that come as standard with that memory size, so that in itself is a plus point. Of course you can expand the memory by buying a larger memory capacity card, but for your initial usage (and for many peoples needs) the included memory is sufficient.

Menu System

The menu system is almost identical to the K750i which only a couple of change that I have discovered.

The first difference you'll notice is right at the start when you turn on the phone. You immediately get a 'Start-Up' menu which gives you two options. The first one is the 'Start Phone' option, which virtually does just that and boots up the phone as normal. The second option is 'Music Only' which will start the MP3 player but keep the actual telephone switched off. This is a well thought out inclusion and a clear indication that SE sees this device as an MP3 player as much as a phone. Giving you the option to use the music player totally independent of the voice/data services that the mobile telephone provides is extremely useful. Obvious scenarios benefiting from this function would be when wanting to listen to music where mobile phones are prohibited i.e. on an aeroplane or in a hospital.

Taking into consideration the usefulness of this function, perhaps it is something all phone manufacturers should consider adding to phones which have decent MP3 players.

Once you actually turn the phone fully on, i.e. in the 'Start Phone' mode the first difference you'll note if testing out the different buttons' functions is that the middle button directly under the screen has now changed from 'shortcuts' on the K750i to a dedicated 'Walkman' (MP3) function on the W800i. Bearing in mind there was not a direct MP3 function button before; (unless you assigned one of your shortcuts to this function), this is quite a good improvement.

Moving the joystick 'up' now accesses the shortcut menu, which like before can still be customised to your preference. The rest of the joystick's functions remains the same as on the K750i.

Secondly the 'New Events' menu has been removed on the W800i which to me is slightly surprising. I thought that this was a good function added to the K750i and although in truth it didn't really add anything extra to the phone, it was just another alternative (possibly quicker) way of accessing certain new alerts. I suppose taking the above into consideration in terms of it not adding anything extra to the phone, you can partially see why SE have decided to opt out from this function on the W800i.

One noticeable exclusion on the W800i is the shortcut menu for accessing internet links. This I personally use to find useful and had around 7-8 different WAP links I use to access regularly. Even using the customisable shortcut menu, you can't add I direct link to your favourite URL. This has to be accessed by going into the main menu and either going into the 'Internet Browser' and then 'Bookmarks' or alternatively going into 'File Manager' and accessing the 'Web Pages' option. This is not really a big deal, especially if you use the latter option and assign one of your shortcut joystick keys to 'File Manager' as you'll be able to access your internet links just as quick, but still I feel worth a mention.



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  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(9.00h talk time)

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