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Sony Ericsson W705 Review

Sony Ericsson W705 7

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Do you know that the South American leaf frog can actually bark like a dog? Well, the Sony Ericsson W705 lacks such unique capabilities and in-call quality is rather mediocre. We were able to hear people on the other end, but their voices sounded muffled, while the very same people complained that our voices were extremely sharp and to the point of preventing proper communications at times. As we mentioned already, battery is excellent and according to the manufacturer should be able to provide 10 hours of continuous talk time, over 400 hours in standby and about 20 hours of audio playback.


The Sony Ericsson W705 is a typical midrange phone for 2009. It delivers comfy interface and pleasing overall look, capable browser and excellent audio playback quality (through a decent pair of earphones). We believe the manufacturer couldĀ“ve given the phone an edge over the competition if multimedia features had been properly implemented (video playback and camera performance). Still, we cannot deny that good midrange music devices that deliver both decent audio playback and rich connectivity options are somewhat scarce indeed (with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic being an exception). All told, if you need a similar feature pack, the Sony Ericsson W705 is quite good an option indeed.

Sony Ericsson W705 Video Review:

Sony Ericsson W705 Review


  • Large and lovely screen
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Wi-Fi and very good browser
  • Good audio quality through wired earphones
  • Robust battery (especially when listening to music)


  • Weak loudspeaker
  • Mediocre in-call quality
  • Feeble video playback capabilities
PhoneArena rating:
7 Good
User rating:
7.8 8 Reviews

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. dkpaullo (Posts: 1; Member since: 24 May 2009)

Actually phonearena make a big mistake. This phone comes with a hsdpa 7.2 m. Hsupa 2.0 m. Hope u guys can correct it.

posted on 10 Jul 2009, 21:11

2. MrMojo (Posts: 20; Member since: 10 Jul 2009)

This model is actually the replacement to the W890!! You'll notice the similarities on the face of the phone upon comparison. Basically it went from a bar to a slider phone with very little upgrades, most noticeable a flash but still not A/F for the camera! Funny how the call quality diminished considering that it was quite good on the W890. Reviewers... please BASH SE everytime it refuses to include a 3.5mm port for earphones! Using the proprietary port is a Disgrace for a media player phone, hence the W for Walkman phone! Also, you should tell people that the MediaGo software Sucks as well!!

posted on 18 Oct 2009, 13:59

3. nurshah (Posts: 2; Member since: 18 Oct 2009)

does it have deep rich bass??......pls help me which mobile is best 4 music

posted on 11 Sep 2010, 11:08

4. werewolf1985 (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Sep 2010)

Sony Ericsson W705 features Clear Audio (TM) technologies i.e. Clear Bass (keeps bass frequencies within hardware limit to prevent distortion and produce enriched deep bass) and Clear Stereo (creates virtual distance from stereo recordings left & right channel to prevent interference). Plus it comes with inbox HPM-77 Headset that is in-ear close type and Clear Audio supported. So you won't get a better sound in any other Walkman devices (unless you can travel to future and get the next generations phone! lol :-)

posted on 13 Jul 2012, 17:00

5. aidaki (Posts: 1; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)

i have this phone but i have a problem with the wifi.it is just searching continuously...and there are no connections...networks.Could anyone help me? please i really need your help!

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Display2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (167 ppi) TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size3.74 x 1.87 x 0.56 inches
(95 x 47.5 x 14.3 mm)
3.46 oz  (98 g)
Battery950 mAh, 10 hours talk time

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