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Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Sony Ericsson W595 6.5

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Software and Features:

You probably want to know if there are any improvements in the W595’s interface, in contrast to the other Walkmans. The short answer is “No”. The long one is “No there are not, except for a few cosmetic changes – fond de teint and lipstick, in order to attract the younger users.” Even though we’ve been in the business for a long time and extras like animated standby screen don’t impress us much, it’s worth noting the variety that SE has put in the interface appearance. There are a few cool details that you wouldn’t find in the products of the rival companies. For example, you can bring the rock’n’roll king to the screen through the standby application, and even make him move using the accelerometer. The other one is a kind of a “step counter”, showing you the number of steps you’ve made during the day, which can be interesting especially if you are into sports. The built-in themes are quite various and beautiful, and some of them are even combined with light effects. For instance, the “falling of a spot” (directed again with the accelerometer) in our favorite Plaste theme is preceded with a blinking wave through all keys.  While these don’t add anything but eyecandy, in an increasingly crowded market of similar feature sets SE has still managed to find a differentiator from their competition.

Standby screen - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
The Rock'n'Roll King - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Step Counter - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Main Menu - Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Standby screen

The Rock'n'Roll King

Step Counter

Main Menu

Themes - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Themes - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Themes - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Themes - Sony Ericsson W595 Review


The main menu has different views– grid, single icons or rotating, according to the chosen theme. Regardless of your choice you’ll experience a bit of a slow-down, which is going to show up whatever you do with the phone.

Layout Menu - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Grid - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Rotating - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Single icons - Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Layout Menu



Single icons

You can store up to 1000 contacts in the phonebook, with possibilities for multiple numbers, e-mail, additional information, personal ringtone and birthday. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search by last name. The option to filter the phonebook by dialing numbers at the standby screen is nice. The search is being conducted through the phone numbers, as well as through the names. For example, if you have dialed 636 (6 – MNO, 3 – DEF) you’ll find Neo.

Phonebook - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Phonebook - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Phonebook - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Phonebook - Sony Ericsson W595 Review


All organizer functions are gathered in a single menu and should be able to satisfy anyone’s needs. You have a calendar at your disposal (with a day, week and month type of view), in which you can write down appointments, birthdays, holidays or other events. Besides the calendar, you’ll find also alarms, to-do’s, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator and many other applications with various functionalities like a currency converter and a world clock.

Organizer Menu - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Calendar - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Alarm - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Stopwatch - Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Organizer Menu




Tasks - Organizer - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Notes - Organizer - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Timer - Organizer - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Calculator - Organizer - Sony Ericsson W595 Review






The options for writing messages and e-mails are top-notch, as you may take advantage of automatic settings for the more popular electronic mails, which can be of great comfort. Unfortunately, as we already mentioned before, the keyboard isn’t particularly handy for writing.

Messaging - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Messaging - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Messaging - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Messaging - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Messaging - Sony Ericsson W595 Review


The W595 can be used all over the world ( it has quad-band GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz), but the 3G is only suitable for Europe and Asia, where you’ll be able to enjoy high-speed internet, thanks to the HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s.

The browser opens our web page flawlessly, which is a serious challenge even for some of the modern internet-oriented smartphones. You can experience web browsing like on a computer, and due to the zoom in/out option and the pan view the whole navigation is really easy and intuitive. These functions have their convenient shortcuts on the keyboard, and with the accelerometer it’s fairly easy to switch between portrait and horizontal image. As a whole, the browser is one of the best we’ve seen among the non-smart phones, and should do you a great job.

Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Internet Browser - Sony Ericsson W595 Review
Internet Browser - Sony Ericsson W595 Review

Internet Browser

It’s interesting that you can make video calls, although there isn’t a camera on the front side. How it’s done? It’s easy, you just turn the main camera towards you and… that’s really funny. We thought that the main idea of video calling is to see each other with the person you’re talking to. If your opinion is the same, you can try talking in front of the mirror and enjoy the reflection…odd, isn’t it?

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

sexy... not this color though. this color is ugly

posted on 29 Nov 2008, 18:45 1

2. The Administrator (unregistered)

See I agree with the points on this one... but this review is still, nevertheless, bias! You guys haven't even reviewed the Samsung BEAT and you think that it's a better phone already. This phone could be potentially as successful as the W580 because of the cheaper price vs. features/quality ratio as well as the funky looks. You have to say this is one of the most unique sliders of the market.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 01:26 1

3. rj04 (unregistered)

the Nokia and Samsung phones you listed are way to fat for the people they are built for. The W580 has done extremely well because it does everything it's suppose to and does it in a colorful and compact housing. This is all that matters for the intended market.

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 00:15

4. (unregistered)

ok, i want to buy a music phone with great sound quality and sometimes watch my fav. videos on it... and i'll buy w595 becuz it's slim, the music quality is OK and... nothing else. ok.

posted on 02 Oct 2009, 22:37

5. AIcrusher (Posts: 1; Member since: 02 Oct 2009)

hahaha... yeah what more would you want in a music phone? of course the music quality is OK and... nothing else. ok. xD haha!

posted on 10 Oct 2011, 12:44

6. ash (unregistered)

my cam is not working..........

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