Interface and functions:

The Sony Ericsson W302 comes with a copy of the software found on previous makes of the manufacturer, in other words similar to the W880 and W350. This is a good move indeed when it comes to a budget device, since interface is optimized and doesn´t cause slowdowns or menu lagging (like the C510 for an instance). Still, all available actions and functions of the D-Pad center button have been indexed, which is characteristic of the latest version of the Sony Ericsson´s software.

Camera allows you to take snapshots and capture videos. Again, it´s interface is quite similar to the one on the W902 and W595, although some options available on the latter makes have been removed form the Sony Ericsson W302. What you have at your disposal are picture size settings, self portrait mode, white balance plus variety of effects. Come to picture quality, we believe we better drop the subject. This is typical of cheap music devices designed with your budget in mind.

The music player is the same as the one found on the Sony Ericsson W350 and offers a bunch of options, although it looks rather simplified alongside of the contemporary player on the Sony Ericsson´s more expensive devices. We like the presence of an equalizer and the opportunity to customize its settings yourself. Similarly to the W890, you can make the keypad blink to the rhythm of the music. Unfortunately, the loudspeaker is rather feeble and delivers low quality sound, so you won´t be able to share your music with the people around you. Sound through a pair of headphones is completely another cup of tea and this is the main reason that makes us believe the phone is so suitable for youngsters. Audio quality is more than acceptable for prolonged listening sessions, despite the trebles coming a bit muffled as compared the iPod nano for an instance. Still, you can make good use of the 3.5 mm. jack and go for a more expensive headphones with better quality.

The phone also features FM radio and RDS plus the TrackID function that is always great at recognizing music.

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