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Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro Review

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro

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Performance and Conclusion:

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro Review
As a phone the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro works well without being outstanding in terms of voice clarity or reception. People were hearing us well, but we had some trouble with voice clarity on our end. The ear speaker's quietness probably plays its part here too. The loudspeaker is strong and clear, but the included headset works the same as with the Vivaz - hard to hear and flat sounding, though it serves its purpose when used as a mike for recording video interviews and the like. We got a day out of the battery with moderate usage and browsing over WiFi, so don't forget the charger.
In the end, if we have to place our utmost verdict on the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro, it will be favorable. Despite the fact that the company tries to position it as less of a multimedia capable phone than the Vivaz by shrinking the camera sensor from 8MP to 5MP and adding a keyboard (presuming a lot of messaging or business use), it is basically as good as the Vivaz camerawise.

Since it doesn't have kinetic scrolling just like the early Nokia N97 or the Samsung OMNIA HD, arrow keys help navigation in menus and websites, if needed. Plus you can see what box you are typing in on websites and in messages/email, unlike with the virtual keyboard, which takes up the whole screen; typing speed is thus greatly enhanced. These are all options worth going for especially when you don't have a large capacitive screen and the addition of a physical keyboard adds no bulk to the Vivaz pro.

What we are not quite at peace with, though, is the price popping here and there. Considering that both the Vivaz and the Vivaz pro are touted by Sony Ericsson for their HD video abilities (no doubt a distinctive and adequately executed feat), the price is positioning the Vivaz pro as a direct competitor to the current high-end smartphone crop out there, like the HTC flagships and the iPhone. These are formidable opponents and perhaps only the die-hard physical keyboard fans will reach for the Vivaz pro on the counter. As usual, time will tell and in the meantime we'll be reviewing all the upcoming summer HD we can get our hands on.

If the HD video capabilities are important for you, we'd recommend that you also have a look at the older, but cooler Samsung OMNIA HD.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro Video Review:



  • Shoots HD video
  • Great design - small, light, fits perfectly in the hand
  • Ergonomic keyboard


  • Expensive
  • Average low light performance of the camera
  • Popular, but aged OS
  • No kinetic scrolling in menus and built-in browser
  • No preinstalled games
  • Quickoffice and Wisepilot are trial versions
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7.36 Reviews

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Display3.2 inches, 360 x 640 pixels (229 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
720 MHz
Size4.29 x 2.05 x 0.59 inches
(109 x 52 x 15 mm)
4.13 oz  (117 g)
Battery1200 mAh, 12.5 hours talk time

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