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Sony Ericsson T68

Sony Ericsson t68i

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The T68 is a ground breaking phone and it will take a lot for other manufactures to beat it. It is well equipped for the future with Bluetooth and enhanced messaging services. Overall the T68 is a real gadget phone with great quality. If Ericsson would improve it's construction and makes it a bit bigger then it would be a real winner. Because it is so very small the keys are very small to. It is definitely the essential mobile phone to have. It pretty much does it all.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. temo (unregistered)

the sony erricson T68 is one of the best phones i have owned-i used this phone for 4 years from 02 - 06-yeah it had its moments of crappness but overall-it kept me in touch which is what ya want-excellent phone-beautiful design-good features-BUT NO POLYPHONIC RINGTONES-the ones on offer bloody suck-they are the crappiest ringtones i have ever encountered!!-why with all the stuff they loaded into this phones capabilities did they leave out the sweet sound of the polyphonic ringtones-monotone crappy monophonic sounds everytime someone rings or msgs u-oh well,overall-a classic-phone-first colour screen/camera phone i have owned-and in a lot of ways the best-keep this phone in your hall of fame-its in mine and has my vote for MVP-take it easy-australia.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display101 x 80 pixels STN
Size3.97 x 1.89 x 0.77 inches
(101 x 48 x 20 mm)
3.14 oz  (89 g)
Battery700 mAh, 12 hours talk time

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