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Sony Ericsson T68

Sony Ericsson t68i

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The Ericsson T68 has a color screen, a natural feel and a menu that you can move easily through without lifting a finger.

• Color display
T68 boasts a 256 color full graphic display. One of the first of its kind. Colour greatly enhances the T68 usability. Menus and sub-menus are easier to read and icons are easy to identify. T68 has a unique icon desktop.

• Icon desktop - The unique T68 graphic icon desktop is a revolution in usability. Reminding you of a PC interface, it is quick and easy to navigate.

• Themes - T68 offers you the unique possibility to choose text and background color combination. And change the face and style of your phone whenever you want.

• Four directional joystick - The T68 joystick is amazingly easy to use and with the options key close by, which has the same function as the right click of a mouse, the T68 menu system is quickly and easily navigated. The joystick has five functions: move cursor up, move cursor down, move cursor left, move cursor right and click o

• Predictive text input - Writing messages is easy. T68 predictive text input anticipates the word you are writing and finishes it for you.

• Background picture - When you're not using your T68, you can have a high-quality colour picture of your choice filling the display.

• T68 messaging features are the latest. As long as you have it with you, you know you can reach and be reached in a variety of ways.

• E-mail - T68 has its own e-mail program. It has an inbox, outbox, compose and save-to-drafts functions. You can set your phone to download mail from an inbox anywhere on the Internet. T68 supports POP3 and IMAP and will store six messages.

• Text messaging with pictures and sounds - Mobile text messages can be enhanced by adding pictures and sounds. The pictures are pre-installed, you can also use pictures downloaded from the Internet or ones received in a message that you have saved. The sounds sent are musical ring signals. T68 has its own picture editor and melody composer.

• MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) will be implemented into T68 when services are available to support this feature.
T68 connects without cables to other Bluetooth™ devices within range

• Bluetooth wireless technology - Synchronize and share information with a PDA or laptop. Or enjoy the complete handsfree and cablefree comfort of a Bluetooth headset.
The Ericsson T68 has a color screen, a natural feel and a menu that you can move easily through without lifting a finger.


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PhoneArena rating:
Display101 x 80 pixels STN
Size3.97 x 1.89 x 0.77 inches
(101 x 48 x 20 mm)
3.14 oz  (89 g)
Battery700 mAh, 12 hours talk time

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