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Sony Ericsson T650 Review

Sony Ericsson T650

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


Sony Ericsson T650 Review

As a whole, the T650’s response is comparatively fast, so you will hardly notice it being slow and “thoughtful”. Indeed, the animations and some of the themes make it artificially sluggish, but at the same time – more beautiful. Playing the animation of the menu takes a few seconds, which could turn out to be somewhat irritating to a rushing user.

The tones, signaling an incoming call are comparatively loud, so even when the phone is in its case, you will not have any trouble hearing it. However, if you are in a very noisy environment, keep the unit as close to you as possible, because vibration is not reliable. Apart from causing the annoying rattle of the panel, it is so feeble that one will hardly feel it.

After the phone had been subjected to testing, we found out that its signal reception is rather limited and the phone’s performance in this respect is under average. We would mark it at 3 out of 10, which means trouble getting connected in areas with low signal coverage.

Voices during conversation are comparatively loud and quite genuine, but the presence of background noise makes them sound a bit muffled. Situation is better at the other end of the line: they hear you more loudly, very clearly, and your voice is realistic there. According to information from Sony Ericsson, the 930 mAh Li-Polymer battery (BST-38) of the phone endures up to 7 hours talking time or 300 hours standby in a GSM network. At the tests, carried out by us, we estimated that the actual talking time for long conversation is 408 minutes (6.8 hours) which is a very good result for a slim phone.


Sony Ericsson’s new “offspring” is a fairly interesting product, providing, though partially, the functionality of the high-class series and at the same time featuring an impressive design, materials, and a complete set of accessories. The only thing that spoils the overall impression are the easily mixed-up control buttons; instead of going one position up in the menu, one often switches the Internet browser on.

Nevertheless, the T650 will surely catch your eye from afar and will not be a disappointment regarding its capabilities and functionality. Positioned in the medium-class series, the phone provides exactly what you would look and, of course, pay for. Since it combines the features of the Walkman and the Cyber-Shot series, this device is not aimed at a sole customer group, but would rather meet the demands of a broader users’ spectrum.


  • An exceptionally rich set of accessories
  • Capability to use a Bluetooth stereo


  • Inconvenient two-position buttons: activating a non-desired function
  • The back lid rattles when vibration is on
  • Backlighting is seen through the panel
  • Low picture quality
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

I picked up a T650i today to replace my k800i. It's smaller, it's better built, it's sturdy and those strange looking buttons on the keypad are actually really good for text input. they work great. the animated light themes are a nice gimic but it's an idea that's not been properly implemented yet. i just spent an hour remaking a theme i made for my k800 because from the 3 installed, i can't use any of them.. they are all dark with neon colour combinations... at least to my eyes...which makes it hard to use them on a daily basis... Also, there's some kind of funny time related easter eggs in this phone... tonight (31.10) i've got a screen full of animated pumpkins! i wonder what christmas has in hold for us? :) the newly designed desk stand is a joy to use, sturdy, secure and it looks great... along with the new ringtones, it looks like SE have finally accepted that Apple do a great job and have let themselves be infulenced in a positive way (imo) by the design and audio dept at apple... check out how similar the ringtones are to the iphone... my only gripe, and it's a big one is that the backlight is VERY YELLOW. It will add its own lovely tint of ochre to all your beautiful photos that you've made with the 3.2mpx camera. ALL my photos and background pictures have a yellow tint on this phone. SONY, if you're out there... please correct this problem with a firmware update in the near future. this is a fantastic phone but please make the colours bright and white again! Maybe it's only my phone but i don't think so... ? if you need a phone to make calls, sms, make snapshots, it has to be small, and with a super calendar to boot (that you can sync on a mac with isync), you can't go wrong with the T650i. I hope this review helps you to make up your minds. Bear in mind, i am extremely fussy when it comes to phones and if i find any problems or cool features over the next few days, i'll update this review... have fun :)

posted on 28 Jan 2008, 07:35

2. amras (unregistered)

I know why the display is so yellowish. Coz the light sensor is working and it decrease your screen brightness up to 50%!! This is ridiculous since K770 light sensor - when working - only reduces the brigthness up to 10% so the screen will still look bright and crisp.

posted on 08 Feb 2008, 15:15

3. fishy (unregistered)

sorry to say that without 3rd party commercial software this thing won't sync with iSync. Returning mine for that reason alone...

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