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 As with many other Sony Ericsson phones there are only two call lists. One for missed calls and the other one is combined, used for both outgoing and incoming calls. I really don't like the way SE manage the call list and really prefer to have a different menu for all calls I received, dialed or missed. T300 has a feature I've never used - call cost. For cost information you need to check with your network operator or service provider if you can subscribe to such a service, where call cost (or the number of call units) is displayed. If you have a subscription with a cost information service, you can check the cost of your last call and the total cost of your calls. From call info menu you can check the duration of your last call, outgoing calls and the total time


You can adjust the phone settings to suit your own requirements.

• Sounds & Alerts - You can choose to be notified of an incoming call by a ring signal or vibrating alert. Your phone comes with 25 standard and polyphonic melodies, which can be used as ring signals. You can choose a ring signal that rises in steps from the lowest volume to the highest. You can set the phone's vibrating alert to one of the following: On – all the time, on if silent – on when the ring volume is turned off. T300 also has a feature which allows you to set the phone to vibrate first then ring. I really like the vibrate and use it a lot when in a meeting, in a movie theatre, etc.
• Language - Most SIM cards automatically set the menu language to the language of the country where you bought your SIM card. If this is not the case, the preset language is English.
• Time settings - the time is always displayed in standby. When the phone is in standby mode, you can slide the volume key up or down to see today's date in the Status menu. Under Advanced in the Settings/Time and date menu, you can set time zone and daylight saving time. Changing these, changes the time accordingly, if your network operator supports
this service. When your phone changes network, and the time sent out from the network operator deviates from the time in your phone, you are asked whether you want to update the time if you have turned on Auto time zone. If you press YES, the time is updated automatically.
• Profiles - Your phone has a number of pre-set profiles, which are set to suit a certain environment. You can add accessories to, rename or change these profiles. For example, when you go to a meeting, you can simply choose the Meeting profile and a number of settings such as the ring signal is turned off. • Display - The display light can be set to automatic, off or on. In automatic mode, the display light is turned off a few seconds after you press the last key. The display light consumes extra battery power and reduces stand by time, if sets to on.
• Screensaver - the phone has a screen saver, which is activated automatically when the phone has been in idle mode for a few seconds. After a short period of time the screen saver changes to sleep mode, to save power. You can download different screen savers via WAP. You can also adjust the screen contrast from this menu.



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T300 / T306
  • Display 101 x 80 pixels
  • Battery 700 mAh(6.75h talk time)

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