T300's phone book has the half of T68 build in memory and can hold only 250 entries. However you can assign several numbers to one caller where each contact has a default phone number. The first phone number you link to a contact automatically becomes the default number. You can assign a picture to a contact in the phone book. When that person calls, the picture appears in the display. Personal ring could also be assigned for a single or nonerous callers. You can create a group of contacts. By doing so you can send messages to several recipients at the same time. Another nice feature is that you can add your own business card to the phone book. Business cards can be exchange via IR,SMS or MMS. You can copy the names and numbers in your phone book between your phone's memory and the SIM card. The number of phone numbers that can be saved depends on the type of SIM card. To make dialing easier, you can save the most used numbers in positions 1-9 on your Sim card. To call any of these numbers, enter the position and press Yes.



 T300,supports all forms of messaging - SMS, EMS, MMS and e-mail. Text messages are sent via SMS (Short Message Service). They can be sent to one person or to a number of recipients, for example, that you may have saved in the phone book. You can add pictures, animations, melodies, and sound effects to a text message, and format the text, using EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service). You can also send picture messages.
Unfortinatly Text messages with EMS functionality can only be sent to other compatible phones supporting the EMS standard.
MMS is really fun to use. With t300 you can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, speech and audio for the ultimate messaging experience. You can also send your messages regardless of the handset you are using - from mobile phone, PDCs, Palm Pilots, or PCs.
A multimedia message can, for example, be a photo or picture postcard annotated with text and/or an audio clip, a synchronized playback of audio, text, photo or, in the near future, a video emulating a free-running presentation or a video clip. It can also simply be a drawing combined with text.
MMS makes it possible for mobile users to send these multimedia messages from MMS-enabled handsets to other mobile users and to e-mail users. It also makes it possible for mobile users to receive multimedia messages from other mobile users, e-mail users and from multimedia enabled applications.
Apart from the way you normally enter letters when writing SMS - using multitap text input with T300 you can use T9™ Text Input for entering text messages and email, for example, if the input language you select supports this. T9 Text Input is a predictive input method and is a quicker way to write texts. The T9 Text Input method uses a built-in dictionary to recognize the most commonly used word for each sequence of key presses. This way, you press each key only once, even if the letter you want is not the first letter on the key.



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T300 / T306
  • Display 101 x 80 pixels
  • Battery 700 mAh(6.75h talk time)

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