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 Those of you familiar with T68 menu will not have any troubles using the phone out of the box, since the user menus and navigation are almost the same. Nine main menu selections - Phone Book, Messages, Calls, Fun & Games, Settings, WAP Services, Organizer, Connect, and My Shortcuts.
Phone Book functionality is about the same. Unfortunately you can't assign voice commands to different names.
Under Messages, you have SMS and MMS. The Area Info option is missing here comparing it to t68.
The Calls menu looks exactly the same. I've never liked how Ericcson design their calls list. I really like Motorola's calls management menu.
Fun & Games menu is a little different since SE made T300 more a gaming phone with downloadable games. The games included with the T300 are:Alien Scum, Black Deal, and Mini golf. For some of them it takes a long time to initialize and load the game. Draw Pictures function is also missing comparing it to the T68.
Nothing is new in the My Pictures menu too. Also not too much room for your own, resolution 101x80 as on the T68. T300 also comes with 4 seasons pictures which you can use for a theme. I really liked the spring one.
The big difference is in My sound menu. As already mentioned t300 supports 24-tone polyphonic ring tones which makes the ring signals sound very real- the phone can play several tones simultaneously. T300 users can share ring signals, download them from the web and compose them. It is also possible to add a sound to person's contact information, making it easy to identify who is calling. You can download more polyphonic ringtones from the web or create and edit standard melodies, and send them to a friend, in a text or multimedia message.
The Settings menu also looks standard.
WAP Services is the way you access web sites with your phone. Nothing is changed here too.
Another function that is missing is the Organizer (Calendar, Notes, and Code Memo). You can still use the basic functionality of the alarm clock, stopwatch and calculator. I found the new Events function quite useful. It allows you to schedule events and alarms to go with.
Surprisingly T300 has an infrared functionality, which you can find under Connections. With a missing bluetooth the only way to get files to the T300 is either downloading them from a WAP site, using a physical data cable, or through IRDa.
You can assign/change any functions to any position under My Shortcuts menu. Simple and easy to use.



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T300 / T306
  • Display 101 x 80 pixels
  • Battery 700 mAh(6.75h talk time)

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