Sony Ericsson Spiro Review

Interface and functionality:

We were not excited to see the same old interface that Sony Ericsson uses for its featurephones, but alas, the deed is done. It's pretty simplistic for the most part, meaning no one will have trouble finding their way around it, with the exception of a few things related to the menu structure. For example, why is the Applications menu placed inside the Organizer one?

Otherwise, the interface is quite snappy, with no hints of slowdown. The Sony Ericsson Spiro sports a standard organizer, identical to the versions running on previous models of the manufacturer, i.e. proper (for a feature phone) calendar, alarms, calculator, etc... nothing coming out of left field here. The Spiro features a very useful Facebook and Twitter applications that have the potential to provide socializers with good amount of options to your each service. You can do status updates, messages, comments, uploading and browsing of pictures, be it your own or belonging to your buddies).

The Sony Ericsson Spiro comes with standard messaging functionality with texts visualizing in threaded style. It´s a good thing the client handles multiple accounts, recognizes major email providers and sets everything up for you automatically. Of course, typing with the keypad cannot compare to a proper QWERTY layout, but is still comfortable and fast enough.


To be fair, the Sony Ericsson Spiro's 2MP shooter produces images that are quite poor. Outdoor photos have unrealistic colors and incredibly poor detail, while indoors came out passable, as long as lighting conditions are good.

Video recording is disastrous, with the phone capable of shooting at 176x144 resolution and 15 frames per second, so the end result is neither detailed, nor smooth.

Sony Ericsson Spiro sample video at 176x144 pixels resolution.


The Media menu hosts all multimedia playback applications. The Photo Gallery allows for browsing of pictures, Facebook albums, your camera album, photo feeds, web albums, etc.

The Walkman music player is Sony Ericsson´s standard application available on other feature phones of the company and delivers a number of filtering options (by artist, album, genre, year, individual tracks). TrackID is also on board, ready to serve its purpose of a music recognition service.

The loudspeaker has a decent power, but of course, for day-to-day listening you'd like to resort to the earphones. Speaking of the earphones, we found the set from the box to be quite satisfying, with good power and balance between across the frequencies. You can always fine-tune the experience by using different equalizer settings, or plugging your favorite earphones instead.

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