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Sony Ericsson S700i review

Sony Ericsson S700 / S710a

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Sony Ericsson S700i review
The S700i uses bluetooth, infrared, and GPRS to connect you to other devices or the internet. First, the infrared works well and GPRS connection with the WAP browser or email client is exactly the same as the K700i with the exception of the much larger S700i screen.

Sony Ericsson S700i review

Bluetooth connection with this phone worked very well with my Nextlink BlueSpoon Digital. Voice dial from a headset and range were all very good. No particular "line of sight" issues within immediate range of the device. I did have a bluetooth problem with the S700i resulting in occasional crashes of the bluetooth requireing that the phone be turned off and back on. I attribute this to the prototype nature of the firmware and don't expect any problems with the bluetooth with a production firmware. However, I've been using the Motorola RaZr and the SuperTooth used on that device should be implemented by Sony/Ericsson on all future bluetooth handsets. The range and lack of "line of sight" issues with headsets is well worth the extra money it may or may not cost to include it. In fact...after using it I believe it should be the only bluetooth standard in all handsets from now on.

Sony Ericsson S700i review

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Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
Size4.23 x 1.92 x 0.96 inches
(107.5 x 49 x 24.5 mm)
4.83 oz  (137 g)

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