Sony Ericsson S700i review

So, my opinion of this phone is that it is a very "Niche Oriented" device. For people who are ShutterBugs and would like to own a quality camera that also can be used as a very powerful phone....look no further. The S700i is very, very good at taking photos, has a beautiful screen to look at them on, and is very eye-catching to the public when in use. However, if you don't need or expect to use the camera feature of this device you are really going to be disappointed in the lack of support for the hardware improvements over the K700i. With its beautiful screen and external storage the S700i should be able to render movies or video clips in a full screen resolution. At this time does not look like it will have a player included that can do this. I hope the production units will allow this, if so, it would improve my opinion of this device greatly.
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