Sony Ericsson P990 Smartphone Review


The P990 is definitely not the fastest phone; and definitely not the fastest smartphone (by default, smartphones are slower than non-smart phones from high class). Moving through its menus you can easily feel the lag, and some times you should wait, seeing a message that says “loading”. We find it really sad that in a few days of usage, the P990 crashed more than a few times… in one case the camera took years to save image and the only way to stop it was to discard – it didn't run normally until the phone was restarted. In other case while browsing the internet, the phone showed a message “closing applications” with continue and cancel options and restarted by itself. In again another case it just froze – closing the flip turned the screen to blank screen and only a restart (with the power key) got the things back to normal.
A phone, especially hi-end business unit, should be much more stable than that – we didn't even had many 3rd party applications that may cause those problems.
What we can say about the signal straight of the P990 is that is pure reception killer. Its performance is definitely way above the average one and outperformed phones we've previously tested: Nokia N73, N80, Sony Ericsson K800, Samsung D900.
During a call the incoming sound is with high volume and the voices sound clear, but not very realistic as the speaker doesn't reproduce the high frequencies well and all the voices are more “thick” than in real. The other party reported to hear us with average straight and with realistic sound.
Turning the speakerphone on, they still hear you that well but the sound straight is below average, and some echo may occur. You won't be that pleased with the sound of the speakerphone though, as it is both low and not very clear.
The ringing sound is powerful enough to hear it in even noisy environment … in very noisy one! But it compensates for the vibration that is mediocre and can be hardly felt even in tight jeans pocket.


The P990 features much, in a not very small package. Its design and construction are almost flawless, but unfortunately the QWERTY keyboard could be a step better. Packing the Symbian UIQ operating system, it has all the bells and whistles, as well as all the negative sides (it is slow and dies by accident). Being a multimedia device, it features good camera with plenty of options and wonderful macro, and superb music player, accompanied by FM radio, but suffering from the awful headphones in the box. When we count the perfect reception and very good voice quality, the P990 is a phone that deserves to be one of the best.


  • Solid construction with well done keypads (including hardware QWERTY keyboard).
  • 2-megapixel camera with good image quality.
  • Music player with lots of options; FM Radio.


  • Slow reactions; accidentally blocking
  • Big and bulky size; awful battery cover!
  • Mediocre audio quality with the headphones from the box.
  • So 1880's speed for transferring data.

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