We are using the phones just like a normal customer would do it, but in addition to the everyday-usage, we are putting them through standard variety of tests, in order to see objectively how they perform with signal reception, battery life and voice quality.

The P1 is not the phone you should get if you are in an area with fringe coverage. Although it is a large device and its dimension may house a big internal antenna, it performed just as the U700 Ultra Samsung did, scoring average 5 out of 10 mark for the signal reception.

In the continuous talk time test, we were able to squeeze just 6 hours, which is way below the claimed from the manufacturer 10. It is normal not to meet the claimed results 100%, but in our case P1 got 60% out of the claimed time, which is just slightly more than the half.

The P1 isn’t excellent, but is one of the good students when it comes to call quality. It offers very good outgoing sound, with high volume and respective quality. Drawback is that the voices are slightly flat, which makes them not very clear but still pretty realistically sounding.

The incoming sound is with lower volume and quality. It is slightly muffled and not very clear, but still, more than usable.


We like the P1! Compared to the M600, the new P-series smartphone offers the desired high-quality camera and Wireless LAN (WiFi) which is a must in such style device. When put next to the P990, the P1 reduces the size, removes the dual-type keyboard and with the hybrid QWERTY allows for even faster text typing. P1 is not only successor of the M600, it is the successor of the P990 and it is a good one. Its main drawback is the tri-band GSM and single-band UMTS, but if you are in the supported frequencies, P1 will give you all the bells and whistles of a UIQ phone plus very good multimedia including music and video player, FM Radio and good 3MP auto-focus camera. Alternatives are Windows Mobile Professional phones, which also have stylus-based OS and offer an environment, closer to the one on a personal computer with Windows, which has both positive and negative sides.


  • Pocketable size with comfortable keyboard
  • One of the best cameras found on a smartphone


  • Tri-band GSM and single-band UMTS leads to limited usability in North America
  • Average signal reception

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1. Codelicious unregistered

I've been following with this phone for quite some time now. They used to name it P700 in China. I'm in the high-tech category, so wifi is a must for a smartphone :"]

2. praveen unregistered

like the p1 but wen will w960i be released in india and wat will be its price..want to wait for it for sure

3. GMoney unregistered

You said yourself that it's a tri-band phone, including the 1900 band. In the US, 1900 is the primary band used!!! Check out this page:

4. ralph unregistered

i know this fone will be compatible for US....but will it be compatible for the 3G umts 850/1900 of AT&T here in US???

5. Sebhelyesfarku unregistered

Still no profiles, call recording blocked, no HSDPA/EDGE/quadband GSM. only 15fps video recording. This is another overpriced SonyEricsson.

6. eman unregistered

i don't like it..the menu is still edge in it not easy to use..sorry i wasted my money i guess :(

7. Pat unregistered

I do not share the positive points of this test and especially on the photographs which are catastrophic, open to the eyes my friends.

8. 007 unregistered

i'm disappointed that this phone is not a quad band. i'm surprised that Sony Ericsson is offering this phone when it doesn't eve support 850 mhz. Right now i have a triband phone without the 850 mhz and in certain spots i don't have reception here in california. i really like the phone but just missing the 850 mhz. sad!

9. Owner unregistered

Don't know how you managed the long hours but my P1i with phone ONLY with Wifi and other features turned OFF will only get my ~2-3 days before recharging! Phone is too bloated esp. for a PDA! SE tried cramming too much applications into the phone so it's really clumsy and a power hog and still very price! It's a good phone for talking as reception is quite good in my area with good call quality and the camera is also very good. Too bad nothing else was that good!
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.16 GB
  • Battery 1120 mAh(10.00h talk time)

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