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Sony Ericsson P1 Review

Sony Ericsson P1

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team



Messaging menu is as standard as you can expect: you have inbox for messages and email boxes. Composing a simple TXT message (SMS) allows you to add multiple recipients, insert simple images or sounds, use BOLD for the text, three size options and insert emoticons (text codes - [ :)] for example), visualizing as animated faces on phones that support it. Composing a multimedia message (MMS) you can add real images and sounds, and even video clips.

Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review

Using the email client is a piece of cake: you set it up for a couple of minutes and can choose how to download your messages: there are options for headers only or to download only messages smaller than a set size (100kb for example).When you've written a message, you can choose if you are willing to send it immediately or save it to the outbox, where it will stay until you use ”get and send” in convenient moment (when you have Wi-Fi nearby for example).


One of the main drawbacks of the P1 just like the P990 in our opinion is its radio: it is tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) with single-band UMTS (2100) which makes it slightly-unusable in the States. It would work, but only in the areas with 1900MHz coverage. As a high-end business oriented phone, a quad-band GSM and world tri-band UMTS that turn it into global-roaming capable smartphone will be much more suitable, as it is with the HTC TyTN.

Sony Ericsson P1 Review
For local connectivity the phone supports every single thing you can imagine: USB, IrDA, Bluetooth, and Wireless LAN. Connecting it with the USB cable (and the cradle) to a computer allows you for fast synchronization and backing up of the device. Similarly to other SonyEricsson software, you can compose Multimedia messages on the computer and install applications (they can be either JAVA or Symbian ones), as well as language packs, from it.

When the phone is connected to a cable, it asks you to choose if you want Phone mode or File transfer mode.

Copying a file from the computer through the USB cable from the box, connected to USB2.0 port and the cradle, we transferred 54 MB to the phone's memory for less than 2 minutes, which is a speed of 502KB per second which is way faster than the transfer we obtained with the P990. As it is recognized as mass storage device, neither drivers nor software will be required for most computer OS.

PC Synchrornisation - Sony Ericsson P1 Review
PC Synchrornisation - Sony Ericsson P1 Review

PC Synchrornisation

The Phone Mode is used to synchronize the P1 with a computer. The CD from the box has PC Suite which works also under Windows Vista. Its functionality is similar to the previous version, which came with P990. It allows you for fast synchronization and backing up of the device. Similarly to other SonyEricsson software, you can compose Multimedia messages on the computer and install applications, as well as language packs, from it.

The supported version of Bluetooth is the latest 2.0 with multiple profiles including A2DP for stereo audio distribution – this can once again turn the P1 into a small multimedia center. The Wi-Fi supports 802.11b only and not the faster g standard, but is still a feature that is a must in high-end Smartphone. Using it you can obtain internet connection in short distances, but unfortunately drains the batter much faster than if it is off. We suggest you to turn it on only when you really use it …


With the growing speeds of mobile internet, we expect to see better and better browsers on the mobile computers. Using such powerfull devices with large screen we can now see the pages as on a computer, and not only ones adapted for the phone’s screens. The Opera coming with P1 can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation and an option “fit to screen” allows for optimized preview, which will cut the need of horizontal scrolling but will change the appearance of the page. If it is not selected, you will see the websites as on a computer, rendered in their original view.

Using Wi-Fi, we easily opened PhoneArena's home page in a few seconds and were able to read and see the latest news about mobile phones. Doing it we see that the browser is not flawless and may render incorrect some pages, but the bigger part of them is shown as it should.

Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review
Sony Ericsson P1 Review

An additional “RSS feeds” options allows you to get the information you need in just a few seconds, without the need of super fast (Wi-Fi or UMTS) connection and generating lots of traffic.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Codelicious (unregistered)

I've been following with this phone for quite some time now. They used to name it P700 in China. I'm in the high-tech category, so wifi is a must for a smartphone :"]

posted on 20 Jul 2007, 00:10

2. praveen (unregistered)

like the p1 but wen will w960i be released in india and wat will be its price..want to wait for it for sure

posted on 20 Jul 2007, 03:40

3. GMoney (unregistered)

You said yourself that it's a tri-band phone, including the 1900 band. In the US, 1900 is the primary band used!!! Check out this page:http://intouchsmartcards.com/unlockedgsm.htm

posted on 20 Jul 2007, 08:48

4. ralph (unregistered)

i know this fone will be compatible for US....but will it be compatible for the 3G umts 850/1900 of AT&T here in US???

posted on 21 Jul 2007, 05:45

5. Sebhelyesfarku (unregistered)

Still no profiles, call recording blocked, no HSDPA/EDGE/quadband GSM. only 15fps video recording. This is another overpriced SonyEricsson.

posted on 25 Jul 2007, 22:35

6. eman (unregistered)

i don't like it..the menu is still complicated..no profiles..no edge in it not easy to use..sorry i wasted my money i guess :(

posted on 22 Aug 2007, 21:33

7. Pat (unregistered)

I do not share the positive points of this test and especially on the photographs which are catastrophic, open to the eyes my friends.

posted on 06 Sep 2007, 02:51

8. 007 (unregistered)

i'm disappointed that this phone is not a quad band. i'm surprised that Sony Ericsson is offering this phone when it doesn't eve support 850 mhz. Right now i have a triband phone without the 850 mhz and in certain spots i don't have reception here in california. i really like the phone but just missing the 850 mhz. sad!

posted on 18 Jul 2008, 20:54

9. Owner (unregistered)

Don't know how you managed the long hours but my P1i with phone ONLY with Wifi and other features turned OFF will only get my ~2-3 days before recharging! Phone is too bloated esp. for a PDA! SE tried cramming too much applications into the phone so it's really clumsy and a power hog and still very price! It's a good phone for talking as reception is quite good in my area with good call quality and the camera is also very good. Too bad nothing else was that good!

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PhoneArena rating:
Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Single core, 208 MHz, ARM9 processor
0.1 GB RAM
Size4.17 x 2.16 x 0.66 inches
(106 x 55 x 17 mm)
4.37 oz  (124 g)
Battery1120 mAh, 10 hours talk time

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