Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Evening Classic Review


As we mentioned, the Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Evening Classic has been designed to allow ladies to discreetly keep an eye on incoming calls and the device produces slight vibration when you receive one. The function works flawlessly and shows either the incoming caller ID or a phone number if it´s not been assigned a contact entry. It is a good thing that answering is really easy and the connection doesn’t fall through even if you happen to be away from your cell phone (the manufacturer claims the useful range is about 10 meters). We have quite a few bad news, though. First, to use the device, you must either have a latest Sony Ericsson model or Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Second, the small screen doesn’t show you who the sender of a received message is. Finally, the MBW-200 Evening Classic tends to be rather headstrong (because it´s a women´s model, we suppose) – our unit would sometimes interrupt the connection with the cell phone and wouldn’t reconnect, no matter what we did. We later found out that restoring the default settings of the phone helps. 

Controlling your music player is something we quite like – track titles appear on screen, holding the corresponding buttons pressed for a while starts the next/previous song, while a single touch turns volume up or down. How absurd would a “modern lady” look like with a pair of earphones plugged into her ears, fumbling a pudgy watch is a topic for another article.


The Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Evening Classic has made us ponder over complex philosophical issues, such as “Have modern ladies (being the target audience in this case) developed a taste for horribly looking wristwatches?” What we like most about the device is the particular way of controlling your phone audio player and we believe that many teens would have loved the watch if it had more youthful design (colorful and Swatch-like), plus being able to discreetly keep an eye on calls would come in pretty handy in class. Unfortunately, the current overall look of the Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Evening Classic just doesn’t make the cut.


  • Phone audio player is easily controlled
  • Allows you to discreetly keep an eye on incoming calls
  • Useable even at a greater distance from your cell phone


  • Unattractive design
  • Hefty
  • Doesn’t show message sender IDs
  • Connection easily interrupts

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