Sony Ericsson MBS-400 Review

Performance and Conclusion:

When playing separately, the MBS-200 and MPS-200 loudspeakers perform worse than the ultra-portable Nokia MD-9 and the XMI X-mini II, because the sound is not loud enough and lacks basses. Once you´ve connected both sub-systems, however, things get much, much better. There is no perceptible sound distortion even when they go at almost full blast (up to 90%) and pack enough punch to provide a proper sound screen to even larger room. You might even find that staying in close proximity feels rather uncomfortable. All told, the stereo sound is clear and enjoyable, which makes the loudspeaker system a great solution for people who love watching movies on their laptops.

It´s a good thing that there is no serious lagging when controlling the setup via Bluetooth and the maximum effective range is about 10 meters. The other thing we do like is that sound volume gets automatically decreased when someone´s calling, although the loudspeakers cannot be used for calls.

All told, the Sony Ericsson MBS-400 is a decent portable loudspeaker system. Unlike the Parrot DS1120, you can use it away from power sockets, but on the other hand, it simply won´t fit into a small bag, let alone your pocket. In other words, you won´t be able to take it with you everywhere. That´s why we can only recommend the MBS-400 to people, who would use the loudspeakers with more devices and not just with their cell phone or audio player. For an instance, this is a great accessory pack for watching movies on a laptop or netbook, although anyone who enjoys listening to music for prolonged periods of time will find the short battery life slightly annoying. If you have dynamic lifestyle, parties are your life and you need proper sound at any time, you will be better off opting for the ultra-portable Nokia MD-9 or XMI X-mini II. The Sony Ericsson MBS-400 loudspeaker setup offer higher sound quality, but is less portable than its rivals.


  • Good sound quality
  • Wired and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity
  • OLED screen showing various information


  • Not really portable
  • Most extra features work with Sony Ericsson handsets
  • Relatively short battery life

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