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Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Sony Ericsson K810 7

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Left-K810, Right-K800 - Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Left-K810, Right-K800

Top-K800, Bottom-K810

Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Top-K800, Bottom-K810

A standard candybar phone with an inbuilt camera, К810’s silhouette is reminiscent of К800. Although its design is totally different, the proportions and the size are the same, save for the thickness, which is 0.2 inches (5mm) less, which makes it more a contemporary phone. After all, all manufacturers are competing for slim phones and Sony Ericsson has to keep up the pace. The phone’s weight of 3.65 oz (103.5 grams) is well-balanced and the device is easily handled, but at the same time it is felt when it is kept in the pocket. Although they weigh almost the same, К810 is more convenient to carry, compared to К800, due to its slimness.


Dimension (Inches)

Dimension (MM)

Weight (OZ)

Weight (Gramms)

Sony Ericsson K810

4.2" x 1.9" x 0.7"

106 x 48 x 17



Sony Ericsson K800

4.1" x 1.8" x 0.9"

105 x 47 x 22



Nokia N95

3.9" x 2.1" x 0.8"

99 x 53 x 21



K810 is designed in two color options (Noble Blue and Golden Ivory). The one we tested was in the blue variation, which we find to be the classier of the two. The panel contains both matt parts (almost the whole back) and shiny details, which go together really well and, as a whole, the phone looks much trendier and classier than its predecessor. Unfortunately, it is easily soiled.
Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Just like К800, the make here is on a very high level and the phone feels like a solid high-end device and not like a cheap plastic toy.

Sony Ericsson K810 Review

As was already mentioned, К810 contains a few novelties, compared to К800. When juxtaposed, it can be seen that their displays have absolutely the same character, the only difference being that К810 is just a little brighter, which might even be due to the different glass over the display. As a whole, it does a good job with high contrast and relatively saturated colors, the small size being its biggest shortcoming. However, this shortcoming has also its positive side, since, combined with the high resolution (240х320), it brings about a high Dots per Inch ratio and a detailed image without the pixels being evident. There are two small shortcuts above it for the camera, earpiece and the VGA camera for video conversations, which are much less visible than before due to the lack of the decorative grid that the former model used.

Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review

The remainder of the front is taken up by the keyboard. Unlike its predecessor, here the numeric keys are not located so close one next to the other, they are smaller and the space between them is bigger. They are not made of black plastic; the material is grey, shiny and metal-like. The keys are easy to feel and to press, with a very strong tactile responce. The navigation buttons are also smaller, but this time they are less handy than those of the predecessor. The joystick in the middle has an identical response, which is generally due to the space around it.

The keys are lit differently: the navigation keys are in blue, the numeric are in pale lilac. The keyboard is clearly seen in all conditions. One of the innovations is that, when the camera is on, there are small icons around the left-hand column of numeric keys, lit in blue, in order to show the function of the respective key in this landscape mode, and to highlight its current function. These buttons are shortcuts in the camera.

Play/pause button - Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Volume keys - Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Camera shutter - Top-K800, Bottom-K810 - Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Play/pause button

Volume keys

Camera shutter

Top-K800, Bottom-K810

Power button - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Memory card slot - Sony Ericsson K810 Review
Sony Ericsson K810 Review

Power button

Memory card slot


Apart from the keys on the front panel, К810 is equipped with a small play/pause button on the left-hand side, volume control rocker (just a little slimmer than those of К800) and camera shutter (in the style of the numeric keyboard, it is also round) on the right-hand side, as well as a power button on the front panel. The Sony Ericsson connector is on the back panel, and the memory cards slot is on the left-hand side.

Sony Ericsson K810 Review

On the back you will find, just like with К800, the loudspeaker, the camera, covered with the active lens cover and the battery lid with the logo „Cyber-shot” engraved over it, arranged from top to bottom. The active cover now is harder to open, since it is smaller, but this makes it more difficult for it to open of its own accord when carried in a pocket, which sometimes happened with К800. Thanks to the redesign you get a phone, with is 5 mm slimmer.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

does the k810i come with a memory card ?

posted on 14 Dec 2007, 17:27

2. Nick Maxwell (unregistered)

I've had the k810 for 2 months and i can say i'm glad i bought it. In fact, i can say it has some differences compared to K800: *K810's price was 450 USD, K800 was 469 USD where i bought it. *K810's screen is brighter and more colorful *K810 comes with a 128mb card, k800 comes with a 64mb card *K810's keypad is more comfortable *K810's camera doesn't open in your pocket *Camera works very fine, i compared it with pics taken by k550 and k800, and they seem to be more colorful, maybe a little bit darker than k800, but not worse *Unfortunately, battery life isn't good enough, i use my phone as an ipod and i have to plug it everyday *Screen is small, so small that cheaper models have it (w580) *No flash, no vibration *Amazing style, but it tends to get very, very dirty *Screen gets scratches easily *The camera shooter button isn't as good as k800's. That's all, I strongly recommend k810 if what you're looking for is a Good CAMERA-phone, and not a mp3 player, a video recorder, a video player or an overall good phone. -Nick

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Display2.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (200 ppi) TFD
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size4.17 x 1.88 x 0.66 inches
(106 x 48 x 17 mm)
3.65 oz  (104 g)
Battery950 mAh, 10 hours talk time

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