Ever since the Siemens SL45, I've always loved the idea of having an stereo sound MP3 player on my phone. When I travel to work, I like to be able to pass the journey time by listening to some music or news on the radio. I already carry around 2 phones, a PDA and my wallet which are all items of considerable bulk. The last thing I need is to carry round another device (no matter how small) to listen to music. I usually find that MP3 players on phones although are useful don't have the required sound quality or volume level to enjoy the music. A typical example of this is when travelling on the underground tube and struggling to hear the music with all the background tunnel and engine noise, or similarly on the bus where all the school children are competing with each other to see who can talk the loudest. From my experience, the K750i is the first time I am pleased to say I am able to avoid the above two scenarios. First of all the music quality is very good. This obviously depends on what byte rate you convert your MP3's at (I usually use a compression rate of 128kbs). The music sounds ‘clean' with a relative amount of bass and treble. In addition to this, there is a graphic equalizer which has 5 pre-set modes including the normal (neutral) mode. This enables you to pick your preferred music sound. Unlike many other equalizers on other phones (namely Nokia), the different equalizer modes actually do change the sound output.        

There is also a manual mode on the equalizer which allows you to create your own specifically tweaked sound input. This when used can adjust the sound quality, but more importantly for me can increase the maximum volume output by approximately 30%.

By default the volume is fairly loud if put up to the maximum level, but even the maximum volume is not loud enough to ‘drown' such background noises as previously described. However, when I use the manual equalizer and push the 5 settings all the way up to the top, the music is loud enough to override any background noise. This of course slightly affects the quality and ‘clean' sound of the music, but after fiddling about with this for a few minutes, I achieved a good balance of volume vs. quality, which I am more than satisfied with.

The media player allows you to create your own play lists from the handset whether the music is stored on the memory stick or on the device itself. Other functions include rewinding and fast forwarding tracks (by pressing and holding the joystick left and right respectively), track and artist information, track duration and playback mode (which can be set to shuffle and loop).

For my usage, the MP3 player is perfect in terms of functions, volume and sound quality, and this is the first time I have ever been able to say this about a phone. The other two factors which are also important but not directly related to the MP3 features are battery life of the device as well as the storage ability.


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1. shadoweaver unregistered

I've been using my k750i for a year now and still have no plans of changing or upgrading. It fits my mobile needs and I am very happy with it. The design is minimalistic but attractive and very elegant -- a very balanced device.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(9.00h talk time)

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