Internet & PlayNow™

The K750i has a html/xhtml browser. The size of the screen however does not make it practical navigating around compatible www URL's and is much more suited for the use of the mobile internet (WAP). Using O2 Active, which is my service provider's home portal, navigation and speed around the various links are quick and easy to obtain. The screen's high colour display enables the user experience to be extremely pleasant, and I personally use the internet features on a daily basis. There is also a new ‘play now™' function which allows you to stream music tracks for around 30 seconds. If you like what you hear, you can then download the whole track at a cost from supported WAP sites. The ‘play now™' function is the first icon on the phone's main menu, but works in conjunction with the internet browser. It is also network dependant and I was able to use it as the O2 Active portal supported this function.

Other Functions, Settings & General Performance

The settings menu has all the general settings features to help customise your phone which are all under separate sub-menus. Sounds and Alerts and display menus (such as wallpaper, screen saver themes etc) can all be found here. You can also adjust the brightness of the phone's screen display from 50% up to 100%. This of course reduces the battery standby time. You can find call related features in a sub-menu under settings where you can check your call timer, message counter and GPRS counter; a good way of keeping track of your bills. A further sub-menu gives you the connectivity settings. Here you can change your bluetooth and infrared preferences, synchronization options, device & data management for your internet/data accounts as well as video streaming settings.

Also in the profile menu when selecting profiles for various environments, you can fully customise the profiles to suit your needs. My example is when ever I'm in my car I use my bluetooth car kit with a Nokia 6230i which has better voice dialling recognition than the K750i. I created a profile specifically for use in the car, which when activated, diverts all incoming calls from the K750i to the 6230i. I then set my left joystick shortcuts to ‘Profiles' so whenever I get into the car, from the stand by screen of the K750i, all I do is press the joystick left, down and in to select the car profile. Straight away, all my calls are routed from the K750i to my 6230i which is connected to the car kit as soon as I turn on the ignition. This means I can get both calls from both phones on my bluetooth car kit. As soon as I get out of the car, I repeat the process and this cancels the all divert function. This is also useful for me like when I'm going to the gym for example and only want to bring one phone but don't want to miss calls on the other.

This in all honesty is not a new function as it has been included on other previous models, but I feel is worth mentioning as it shows some of the detailed thorough process thought SE have put behind the majority of their menus and sub-menu functions.

The overall performance of the K750i is good. Mainly referring to signal, I found that I could hold a pretty strong signal in most basement areas and places where my network's reception struggled slightly.
It has very rarely dropped calls even during low signal indications and although my service provider O2 is mainly to do with this good performance, the actual hardware must take some credit too. I have used other phones in the same conditions where the phone has been unable to maintain signal and hence dropped numerous calls.

Software & external connectivity

A Bluetooth dongle or the included USB data cable enables you to use the enclosed software (PC Suite) for data synchronization, image transfer etc. It also has a range of imaging, file and MMS editing software functions as well as the modem drivers for a PC/Laptop. When the K750i with an inserted memory stick is connected via USB to a computer, the phone shows up in Windows, under ‘My computer' as a drive named ‘removable hard disk.' You can then drag and drop files directly on to the relevant folders just like you would with a memory card reader used within Windows. This I think is a good piece of planning as it saves you having to remove your memory card for adding/removing data.


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1. shadoweaver unregistered

I've been using my k750i for a year now and still have no plans of changing or upgrading. It fits my mobile needs and I am very happy with it. The design is minimalistic but attractive and very elegant -- a very balanced device.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(9.00h talk time)

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