Voice Dialling, Voice Control & Magic Word

The K750i has a range of voice control features. Firstly you have your normal voice dialling feature. You assign a voice tag to your chosen contact and after being activated (by pressing and holding a volume key in the stand by mode), the phone will try and match your voice with the voice tag to the related number. If successful, it will repeat your recorded tag and then proceed to dial that corresponding number. The plus side of voice dial on SE phones is that you can assign more than one tag to a contact who has more that one number unlike with symbian phones. The downside to this is I don't think that the voice recognition success rate is very high. I always struggle for the phone to detect my voice and sometimes have to take 3 to 5 attempts, where as on a Nokia 6230i for example my first attempt is usually successful.

You can also voice control receiving or rejecting a call which works in a similar concept to above. In truth, I don't ever use this feature and from customer feedback neither do the majority of customers who have bought this phone.

There is also a ‘magic word' function which works by programming a ‘magic word' or phrase to the phone. Once a hands free kit or car kit is connected, the phone's voice dialling feature will be activated by saying this pre-defined word. This eliminates the need to press and hold a volume key as described above, making the voice dialling feature totally hands free. Using this feature means you literally do not have to touch anything in order to dial a contact. However, having the ‘magic' function on drastically reduces stand by battery time of the phone. I'd also much prefer if the actual voice dialling recognition was more reliable in exchange for the ‘magic word' feature as well as rejecting or answering an incoming call by voice. For me, only the voice dialling feature is important but even this is compromised by its unreliability.
Sony Ericsson, take note please.


I paired my K750i with numerous devices; two phones, a PDA, a laptop, a PC two bluetooth headsets and a bluetooth car kit. I had no problems with any of these devices either when sending/receiving files or for voice calls. The K750i also supports multiple bluetooth connections which is under the ‘power save' mode. When activated, the phone can send a file for example via bluetooth at the same time as being on a call using a bluetooth headset. This does drain the battery quicker but the user can select whether to have this mode on or off.

The bluetooth remote control feature also worked well for me. This is where you can use your K750i to control either your mouse pointer on your PC/Laptop, a power point presentation or your media player. This is done via bluetooth and is quite a cool function. Some customer feedback regarding this function is that it doesn't work very well. This is mainly caused by your PC/Laptop's bluetooth software/hardware not supporting the correct profile for allowing remote access via Bluetooth.

One disappointing thing I found with the bluetooth functions is that the ‘browse files' option has now been removed. I found this quite useful on the S700i, K700i and other previous models, where once paired with another bluetooth device, you could ‘browse' through the files on that device and retrieve them to your phone in order to view/play the objects.


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1. shadoweaver unregistered

I've been using my k750i for a year now and still have no plans of changing or upgrading. It fits my mobile needs and I am very happy with it. The design is minimalistic but attractive and very elegant -- a very balanced device.
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 900 mAh(9.00h talk time)

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