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Sony Ericsson K700 review

Sony Ericsson K700

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Well, after using the K700 for about a week I think I can offer a few "INFORMED" observations about it's performance and quality. Not a brief examination at a cell phone show...or my cousin works for Sony/Ericsson and let me play with it....but a real-world, week-long, use of the handset. Based upon this use I can offer the following insights into it's basic quality as a phone. First, as most of you know it is a Tri-Band GSM handset with a 65000 color TFT screen, GPRS enabled with VGA camera and more importantly, 32-34mb of on-board memory. Mine has 39mb, but, again my unit is a proto-type and the actual performance of a production unit may be different. All menus and devices that connect to the K700 refer to it as such, but the internal sticker identifies it as K700i....

Sony Ericsson K700 review
Sony Ericsson K700 review

 First, RF performance... At this point I can catagorically say that the K700 is a better performer than the T610/616..in fact it appears to be better than the T630 I had to compare it with in being able to grab a signal and hold it...notice the difference in the signal strenght meters....although this is not a absolute indicator it is better, I can confirm that the K700 at this shot was able to easily call, while the T630 needs a little "twist of the ear" and "finger to the nose" in order to get the signal. It also is a bulldog once it has a signal holding onto it for sometime with great quality compared to the T630. I would say it is as good or better than the P900 and V600 in this respect. Certainly the best RF performer of any Sony/Ericsson small handset I've used in recent memory. That includes the T68i, T610/616 and the improved T630.

Voice Quality on my Proto-type is very good. Very natural and non-colored..it has my vote as being well finished in this regard. Handset volume on the other hand could be better in my opinion. My unit is a little light in that regard, but I do have a slight hearing loss and Amy finds it to be plenty loud enough. However, it is definitely not as loud as my V600 and certainly not as loud as my iMate, P900 or Amy's T630.

Speaker phone function is a VERY WELCOME feature for this handset. I love using this feature in certan situations and it's nice to have on a handset of this type. Unlike the V600 which opens a key specifically for using the speaker phone function...I could not get this feature to operate without opening the menu during a call and selecting it from the drop down list. There may very well be a designated key for turning it on that I haven't discovered, but I don't have a manual...so for now I'll just say it works well and is available. Still, it could also be louder. Not as loud as the V600 or P900..and certainly not as loud as the iMate. At first I thought it was due to the "Tiny Size" of the K700, but after using the Radio Funtion (more on it later)...I know the K700's speaker is capable of producing very high volumes...See my video at the bottom for the operation of the K700 receiving a call and the speaker phone operation.

Speaker menu...

Sony Ericsson K700 review
Sony Ericsson K700 review

Battery Life is extremely good. The K700 uses a 670mAh battery and I find that the phone with EXTENSIVE USE gives me the whole day with plenty battery to spare. I would imagne that with normal use this phone would serve the average user 2-3 days without recharging...

Sony Ericsson K700 review

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