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Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Sony Ericsson K530

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Home screen - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Main menu - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Home screen

Main menu


Controlling the unit is rather familiar; this is the traditional user interface of SE. Pressing the navigation button in the middle reveals the menu, arranged in three columns, of four lines each. For quick access to some of the sub-menus you can also use the buttons of the numeric keypad, whose positions correspond to that of icons on the main menu.

The phonebook disposes of the standard options and this is why we will not dwell much on it. One can enter up to 1000 contacts with as many as 2500 numbers. Several phones (mobile, home, work, fax, or other) can be memorized with one name; commands for voice dialing, photo, ringtone, and a lot more can also be added.


The camera is a 2 megapixel one with a 2.5x digital zoom and landscape orientation. It is put into operation from either the side button or the menu and is ready to take pictures within a second.

Camera interface - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Camera interface - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Camera interface

The camera control in K510 model is carried out through tabs, whereas we observe that in K530 it is the same as the control in the Cyber Shot models of Sony Ericsson, that is, by a horizontal menu.

In photographing mode, information about the current settings is displayed on the screen and “1”, “4”, and “7” buttons are also available as shortcuts to the most common modes. Pressing “0” activates a help menu, which indicates the function of each shortcut button.

Outdoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Outdoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Outdoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Outdoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Outdoor images

Strong light - Indoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Medium light - Indoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Low light - Indoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Macro - Indoor images - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Strong light

Medium light

Low light


Indoor images

Pictures, taken at strong light in the open, look well despite the slight blurring. At week light, the lack of a flash predetermines the unsatisfactory result. A somewhat compensating feature is the “night” mode, but it will not be of much help when the light grows very weak.

The unavailability of a “macro” mode is an easily detectable hindrance to taking photos from a short distance; as a consequence of this the images are unfocused and in reality – rendered unusable. In case you try photographing a small-font text from a book or a magazine, it will not be actually readable afterwards.
Camcorder interface - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Camcorder interface - Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

Camcorder interface

Shooting videos relies on the same low resolution as that of the old SE (176 x 144); so low, in fact, that the films will be usable for MMS only. Their quality depends mostly on light: for best results one should make videos either in the open or in a very well illuminated room. Duration is only limited by memory availability.

We would recommend that Sony Ericsson supply the K530 unit with a flashlight for taking better pictures even in a dark environment. Nevertheless, we must also consider that this is not a Cyber-shot model and therefore should not be expected to present itself as such.


The music player is a standard one, using a manual equalizer setting or several pre-set profiles (normal, bass, voice, and treble boost), as well as loop and shuffle play mode. While listening to music (MP3 and AAC formats supported), one can make use of the other functions by simply minimizing the player.

Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

In order to “make room” for more favorite songs, besides storing them in the phone memory (16 Mb), one should also add a memory card of the supported standard - Memory Stick Micro (M2). Depending on the user’s requirements cards of up to 2 Gb are applicable, which is sufficient for storing hundreds of songs.

For much more enjoyment while listening to music, Sony Ericsson have used a stereo-sound supporting Bluetooth (Advanced Audio Distribution, A2DP). This feature enables the usage of a stereo Bluetooth headset, thus eliminating the irritating entanglement in the standard headphone wiring.

However it will take plugging normal, wired, headset, in case you would like to listen to a favorite radio program. The cable serves as an aerial and ensures the proper operation of the RDS system, supplying additional information on the screen.

If you do not know the name of a song that is being performed, the Track ID function can be of help. This is a service for music recognition, which records a fragment from the piece of music, sends it over the Internet, and then feeds back information about the artist, song, and album. We have been delighted and fascinated by the excellent performance of the Track ID: it coped with identifying all the songs we included in the test.

The video player supports the following formats: MPEG-4, H.263, and WMV. It also features video clip viewing on landscape-oriented full screen.

Connectivity and Internet:

Besides the standard GSM networks (900, 1800, 1900 MHz), the phone is operable in the 3G UMTS 2100 as well, and the front panel camera enables the users to make video-conversations with their loved ones. Our readers in the USA should bear in mind though, that this is a tri-band model for use in the 1900MHz 2G networks only.

The Internet browser allows for various view settings in accordance with the personal preferences for convenient work. Both landscape and portrait orientations are also feasible. In this case the high-resolution display can aid a more convenient page viewing. Through the Smart-fit option, pages can be set to appear in one column, thus eliminating the need to scroll horizontally and making it easier to go over pages of wider format.

Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview
Sony Ericsson K530 Preview

At opening our site we noticed that the browser was not able to correctly visualize all the elements of the page.

For instant access to news and reading it at the time of breaking, the phone disposes of an RSS reader.

Connecting to a computer is done in the normal for Sony Ericsson way – through a data cable or wirelessly, via the Bluetooth version 2.0, supported by the phone. In contrast to the earlier K 510, we can easily make out the absence of an infrared port here – it is no longer needed.

It is possible to use the unit as a remote control for compatible Media Player, Desktop, or Presenter. To this end you will need a Bluetooth device on the computer.

Sony Ericsson K530 is one of the models that can work with HGE-100 – an external GPS receiver, integrated into stereo headphones, a function that is typical for units of the highest class. Since it has not been released on the market yet, we were not able to test this option.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Maxx (unregistered)

Screen resolution is not 176x220!!! Is it really hard to go for a sec on SE site and check it out, especially when you put a link to their site. Bye

posted on 01 Aug 2007, 03:47

2. Not Maxx (unregistered)

Check this site and speak again -http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/products/phonegallery/k530/p_k530.jsp

posted on 02 Aug 2007, 00:29

3. sandeep (unregistered)

I missed the rating out of 10 that you sometimes give for reception strength. Also lately it seems that sony-ericsson is putting pressure on you people so that you dont come out with a full review. Seems like sony-ericsson knows its phone still lag on that front.

posted on 02 Aug 2007, 11:40

4. Maxx (unregistered)

Sorry buddy, now it is 176x220. I swear it was 240x320 earlier. Point for you!!! Bye

posted on 06 May 2008, 11:55

5. Vlad (unregistered)

I shall buy it soon nice cell phone

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