Installing the headphone in the ear is an easy job – you only have to insert the rubber sponge into it. Unfortunately, on taking its place it does not feel comfortable at all – it droops, wobbles and even drops down at inclining one’s head. When drooping the headset is not taking its proper position, so the microphone is no longer directed to the mouth, weight distribution is altered (and more clearly felt), and the overall result is a ridiculous look with a headphone hanging, instead of standing at its place on your face.

There are three rubber earpiece sizes in the set but none of them was even close to our normal size so none of them would do – during the test we tried all of them and only the largest was near to fitting, but even it turned out to be too small (and not only in our case) – it is not of any use because the headphone once again slips out of the ear. Since this is the only way to hang this model onto its place, we would rather SE offered more than three sizes of rubber caps in the set – thus rendering the device usable by a larger group of people.

Despite not securing the headset well, the rubber is fairly distinctly felt into the ear because it goes deep into the auditory canal. Even a short-time use of the headset causes an unpleasant sensation of a foreign body in you besides the deafening effect of the rubber shape, meant to prevent the outside noise.

What IV835 is deficient of is comfort of wearing – it simply lacks any. Though one may think the elementary (supposed to be convenient) putting on is a plus – it will make you think of taking it off your face as soon as you have hung it there – it is just a nuisance. We find the lack of sound control buttons to be peculiar in a situation where the only remaining button – the multi function one – is inconvenient and hard to use. Overall, the headset is one of the worst we've tested!


  • Replaceable front panel
  • DSP noise reduction system


  • Exceptionally inconvenient to wear because of the design, regardless of the earpiece size
  • Lack of sound control buttons
  • A small and difficult to press multi function button

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