Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 Bluetooth Headset Review

HBH-GV435 is clamp-shaped and is ‘mounted’ round the ear, enfolding it on the top and leaving it between the front and rear parts of the set. There is no other way of adjustment apart from bending the slightly flexible rubber at the top, so people with a smaller cochlea might feel it unstable and playing on the ear. Though covering the cochlea from above, there is no problem to wear glasses while using the 435, which came as a bit of surprise to us.
A few times of putting suffice to make one used to doing so correctly and it can be easily mounted by one hand on either ear. A little discomfort can be caused by the non-sufficient flexibility of the rubber and after inserting the earpiece into the ear, one must ‘push the whole clamp’ slightly forward, squeeze the cochlea in the middle and lower the rear arm behind it. Despite being difficult to describe in words, it is done almost automatically.
While lying upon the ear the headphone does not feel disturbing and its weight is well distributed – not pressing the cartilage and tiring it, reminding of itself all the time. The small earpiece is not a nuisance either and will not induce pain after a prolonged usage. You can use 435 hours on end without encountering any problem whatsoever.
Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435 looks extravagant but not ridiculous. Despite its considerable size it is hard to notice – obviously due to the fact that it lies behind the ear and therefore remains unnoticeable and unobtrusive. The lack of any microphone bulge whatsoever sharply reduces our ‘cyborg-like’ appearance, frequently caused by wearing other Bluetooth headphones; its overall vision is one of a modern and futuristic accessory.

What we do not like about the 435 are the inconvenient sound buttons – small and therefore difficult to press. The headphone is placed comparatively easily and worn comfortably, meanwhile looking quite good. The DSP system is a huge ‘plus’, but, unfortunately, despite its presence the sound is not first-rate, even echoing at times.


  • A headset that is comfortable to wear and good-looking
  • A DSP system


  • Sound quality
  • Inconvenient sound buttons
  • The neck-strap is almost unusable

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