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Sony Ericsson G900 Review

Sony Ericsson G900

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team



Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Messaging menu is as standard as you can expect: you have inbox for messages and email boxes. Composing a simple TXT message (SMS) allows you to add multiple recipients, insert simple images or sounds, use BOLD for the text, three size options and insert emoticons (text codes - [ :)] for example), visualizing as animated faces on phones that support it. Composing a multimedia message (MMS) you can add real images and sounds, and even video clips.

Operating the e-mail client is extremely easy, since the phone offers automatic settings for the most popular web mail servers. In order to save on traffic, you can set the option to download only the headers of the letters, smaller than  100kb for example. When you've written a message, you can choose if you are willing to send it immediately or save it to the outbox, where it will stay until you use ”get and send” in convenient moment (when you have Wi-Fi nearby for example).

QWERTY - Sony Ericsson G900 Review


Text can be entered via the keyboard and the display. The second method offers a full QWERTY (useless without stylus) and handwriting recognition. This method is active by default and is very handy. You can take advantage of it even in the phonebook.

When you turn the phone on you’ll face one of the annoying bugs. If you have any messages stored on the SIM card you’ll start getting notifications for them as if they were new messages and the phone will become useless for a certain period of time(it could take up to a few minutes depending on the amount of messages). On top of that, when you open a message from the homescreen, first, you have to wait for the entire Messages menu to load and then the very text appears. Sometimes, this could be very annoying.


Sony Ericsson G900 is a tri-band GSM and single band UMTS phone, which limits its use in the States. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the modern standard for high-speed Internet (HSDPA). However, the presence of Wi-Fi compensates for that to certain extend.

For local connectivity you have Bluetooth v2.0 and a data cable for computer connection. The device comes with the standard for all Sony Ericsson phones PC Suite CD. To our regret, the review unit we received refused to connect at all. Moreover, if you select „Phone mode” in a non-defective headset when connecting it to the cable, the application will not detect it at all. With “File transfer” the PC Suite detects it but this is not very handy since you still don’t get access to the memory of the phone. At least the Bluetooth was working fine and we managed to transfer files to the G900.


The G-series flagship model is equipped with the popular mobile browser Opera v8, which in contrast to v9.5 didn’t leave us with good feelings. The heavy pages were loading slow and even when using Wi-Fi, didn’t visualize correctly. You can view them in landscape mode as well but the navigation through the D-pad becomes very annoying since the directions are kept the same as in portrait mode. In this case, using the touchscreen is much more convenient although somewhat slow.

Browser - Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Browser - Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Browser - Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Browser - Sony Ericsson G900 Review


Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Sony Ericsson G900 Review
RSS Feeds - Sony Ericsson G900 Review
Sony Ericsson G900 Review

RSS Feeds


The only way you can facilitate the navigation of large sites is to zoom in/out, but there is no shortcut for that (e.g. volume controls), and you’ll have to get into the extra menus on the options. Nevertheless, there are various functions, which are not frequently used, but are assigned to the keypad buttons. The lack of pan-view in a high-class device targeting the Internet generation is absurd, especially after seeing it in the much simpler G502. As a whole, we are very disappointed from this element.

An additional “RSS feeds” options allows you to get the information you need in just a few seconds, without the need of fast (Wi-Fi or UMTS) connection and generating lots of traffic.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)


posted on 05 Sep 2008, 20:48

2. The Administrator (unregistered)

Wow I'm incredibly disappointed that PhoneArena would even dare to publish such a review. It's evident that there is an incredible amount of bias towards Nokia phones and of course, against with Sony Ericsson phones. This review just echoes that completely. Quite honestly, reviews like this set apart PhoneArena from top-tier phone reviews such as GSMArena, Mobile Burn, etc.

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 01:52

13. andru (unregistered)

i couldn't agree more. this is the most bias review i've ever read. it seems that the reviewer is too hard with SE G900. well anyway, that's why GSMARENA is the most trusted cellphone review site because give neutral reviews.

posted on 06 Sep 2008, 12:07

3. user (unregistered)

sorry, dun agree with ya the administrator, bcos i believe wat phonearena team did and said're true... i've tried this phone, n it's very annoying and irritating...perhaps, i had a bad luck, but all bugs n error n too many reset r simply unacceptable...this is my first sony phone, actually i hope much more from this model, but... u know, u can read in review...only 1 thing i dun really agree, the camera quality is excellent I believe

posted on 07 Sep 2008, 10:21

4. José A Ostos F (unregistered)

Not that happened to the person who made this review but here my images. That I did not know Mr operate equipment in the month you were with. Indeed, the only flaw detected at SE G900 is that the image stabilizer is not working and almost nullifies the flash when activated. The default browser is MiniOpera 8.65941. It is not obsolete. I respect the author's opinion, but it is wrong. Here pictures of my review http://picasaweb.google.com/jostosf

posted on 07 Sep 2008, 17:36

5. norbi_nw (unregistered)

i have this model, and i'm not satisfied at all with it. Everything they say is true. And i got my 3rd unit, and all 3 are faulty. Sony Ericsson messed this up badly. I am very sad, and i regret buying it!!!!!

posted on 08 Sep 2008, 03:51

6. jon (unregistered)

#1 Go to users forums, of people that have g900´s, and you won´t see people bitching about it freezing alot...at all...so, you picked a deffective unit and now bitch about it on a review. #OF COURSE APPS LOAD SLOWER AFTER A RESET! Apps are faster AFTER they´re loaded into the ENORMOUS amount of RAM of G900, and can´t stay there. After that, the phone is fast. All i can say, is that site is a freaking joke.

posted on 08 Sep 2008, 06:14

7. g900 user (unregistered)

"The appearance of the menus and the background can be personalized via themes, but the icons never change" another mistake, in fact it's very easy to change the icons on this phone.

posted on 11 Sep 2008, 03:52

8. The Adminstrator (unregistered)

I don't know about u user, but my model had no problems at all. I agree with some things PhoneArena has addressed, but a lot of them are not true as many have pointed out. I don't agree with the "uneasy document viewing" either. No phone has perfect document viewing/editing (iPhone's missing the editing unfortunately. We can't expect PC type viewing... not even Windows mobile is good... The PAppeal ratings/explanations are pretty messed up too! This phone sure doesn't deserve high "dior" ratings... but not that low either. Same with corporate... It wasn't designed to be a business phone, but it sure has an operating system, touch screen, great organizer, notes, WiFi, quickoffice, etc. A 1 is definetly not the right number.

posted on 11 Sep 2008, 04:23

9. (unregistered)

when will the G700 be reviewed? We will see about that.

posted on 14 Sep 2008, 21:03

10. DM (unregistered)

I totally agree with the reviewer. I bought my phone in late June and I am very sorry that I did. I have owned Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones before and this one is the worst I have ever owned in my life. Money was wasted!! I had so many problems with it. My phone lagged a lot, camera wouldn't work sometimes and when it did, the quality of the photos were crap, and the phone kept restarting on its own. When I was abroad in July, it stopped working all together. I had to borrow an old cell phone from a family member. When I returned, I had it reset several times and reinstalled the phone's software. The problems with camera and lagging are still there. I have actually tried to sell it back to shops but most wouldn't buy it because they told me customers have been complaining about it and now no one wants to buy it. The ones who would take it said they'd buy it from me at 1/4 of its original price. Amazing. That phone is a piece of junk. I am now back to using my old Sony Ericsson K800i until I find a new suitable phone.

posted on 22 Sep 2008, 11:25

11. Leeman (unregistered)

Hmmmm i have no problems with this G900! EveryThing Works Fine

posted on 13 Oct 2008, 02:12

12. Yvonne (unregistered)

I bought mine sometime in July and at the moment my touch sensitivity is on and off as a result can't even pick up my calls sometimes........I am also disappointed with the camera quality 5megapixels(a nokia 3megapixels) takes better pictures... REGRET THE DAY I SAW AND LIKED THE PHONE...

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