Sony Ericsson F305 Review

Games, multimedia and camera:
Like we said, the Sony Ericsson F305 has been designed with gamers in mind. That´s why we better buckled down to testing every single game that came preloaded on the phone as soon as we got it, which turned out to be quite an exhausting, neck-breaking job, but someone had to take on that anyway. So after we had a cup of coffee, we dived deeply into the game world.

The F305 comes preloaded with 11 titles plus you´ve got another 50 on the M2 card. Some of them are really fascinating, others not, but at least you have games of all genre varieties. We have to admit that gaming in horizontal view makes for a lot of fun, although only one of the preinstalled games allowed us to. Now this is what we call odd, since the very idea of the phone is playing in horizontal view mode. Fortunately, among the additional titles there are several games that let you make good use of the two extra buttons and the landscape view mode making the phone look like a gaming console even more. You will be able to take the role of a racer struggling to get to his destination despite all the odds, bad weather and heavy traffic, of a fighter that stalks in maze-like castle passageways and using his sword to battle hordes of undead etc. Aside from the special buttons, the F305 has a built-in motion sensor, although it´s only usable in three games – Jockey, Bowling and Bass Fishing. Well, honestly, we felt it amusing to use in the latter game, while trying to cope with it playing Bowling feels like a middle ages torture. You need to do the same motion you get to when playing bowling, i.e. throw the ball as if the phone itself was the ball you´re holding. The thing is you can´t exactly see the display and how you´re faring when trying to give your best shot, so you have almost no control over directing your motion. We are finishing this pretty important section of the review by saying that the Sony Ericsson F305 has a lot to offer no matter what kind of games you are into. It doesn´t deliver the stunning graphics of the N-Gage nor the game variety of the iPhone, but most of the titles are really funny and pleasing and are definitely up to the task of helping you waste several hours. Plus, if you feel bored with what´s available on the phone, you can always get other interesting titles.

Bear in mind that even if gaming is the most important function of this phone, doing it while walking around or crossing the street might be pretty dangerous. If this is the case, the only amusing option you have , besides your friends,is listening to some music. The audio player features cool interface that is easy to use and delivers a decent number of options. Come to audio, we the phone caught us off guard. We were amazed to find out how loud and clear sound through the loudspeakers was. Trebles and middles are awesome and the only thing we miss is more clearly audible bass. We were not really impressed by the sound quality through the pair of earphones that came in the box. While we can´t say sound wasn´t crisp and clear, the basses were missing and the loudness was not enough to drown out the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The 2-megapixel camera sports interface that looks cool and is easy to use, although it deliver only the basic necessities and is a far cry from the rich functionality of any Cyber-shot device. Picture quality is passable with outdoor ones having slightly unrealistic colors. Several of the pictures had massive blue fringing and almost all of them lacked enough details. Situation with indoor shots is pretty much the same, the only difference being you have a lot of image noise on top of the other issues.

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