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Sony Ericsson Elm Review

Sony Ericsson Elm

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Sony Ericsson Elm Review
One of the things the Sony Ericsson Elm is really good at is… calls. While we cannot rate it as perfect, the in-call quality is excellent on both ends of the line and we do not have any major complaints. Our callers sounded loud, clear and realistic and rated the quality as really good as well. The handset comes with Noise Shield, an option that should filter the environmental sounds around you, but frankly, people on the other end didn’t find any difference. On the other hand, “Clear Voice” that is supposed to make the voice of your caller more distinctive and intelligible does exactly the opposite. All told, the device delivers good in-call quality.

The battery is robust and should be able to provide up to 10 hours of continuous talk time over GPRS/EDGE (4 hours on UMTS/HSPA networks) and keep the device operational for about 18 days in stand-by. During our tests in area with bad 3G reception (sudden drops and hikes), a single battery charge was enough for about 4 days with average daily usage.

The Sony Ericsson Elm is a mixed bag really. This is a likeable, snappy handset with really good core functionality, including great in-call and audio playback quality, capable camera and impressive software set. The list of shortcomings includes not very inspiring video playback support, incapable web browser, trial navigational software and poor accessory pack (no USB cable or 3.5mm convertor). Ultimately, the success of the device will depend on its proper pricing. Currently, you are able to pre-order the Elm from major UK-based online retailers for about $240 (£160)… and the price tag seems fair.

Ultimately, the Sony Ericsson Elm is an enjoyable cell phone with great mainstream functionality and eco-friendly features and manufacturing that should be more than enough to meet the needs of unpretending customers. Moreover, its price tag of $240 (for pre-orders) seems fair for what you get.  You might want to consider the Nokia 6700 classic that comes with better browser and almost the same features, but lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and the LG New Chocolate BL20 and its more appealing design and video playback capabilities.

Nokia 6700 classic - Sony Ericsson Elm Review
LG New Chocolate BL20 - Sony Ericsson Elm Review

Nokia 6700 classic

LG New Chocolate BL20


  • Above average functionality
  • Capable camera
  • Robust battery
  • Eco-friendly features


  • Lack of proper video playback support
  • Poor accessory pack
  • Trial navigational software
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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. J!EN (Posts: 3; Member since: 27 Sep 2008)

Does Elm has splash resistance?

posted on 12 Oct 2010, 15:03

2. penyuwan (unregistered)


posted on 11 Jan 2011, 01:03

3. Dsat (unregistered)

Here are the pro's and cons after using it for a month
>>GOOD camera- crystal clear pics during the day- nice macro. The night shots are blurred and grainy(i think all cellphone cams will have that problem). Amazing number of features/options for using the camera.(picture quality compared against a HTC desire)
>>light and easy to use- you don't have to break your head about trying to figure out what's where. very intuitive.
>>The keypad is nice and big for fat fingers like mine.
>>Decent battery life- for talking about two hours a day+ 10 pics a day+half an hour on the net- your battery will last you for around two days.

>> Slippery- your phone slips out of your hand very easily if your hand's cold or remotely wet.
>>OS hangs sometimes.
>>The search for phone numbers is kind of slow- you have to patiently wait till it recognizes alphabets.
>>No games.
>>when you receive a message it gets partially displayed.This is awful since anyone looking at your phones gets to read it(and there's no way to disable this).
>>you can't send a number from your address book as part of a text message- you have to send a business card separately.
>>The opening of the gallery gets slower as you take more pics- gets irritating after a bit.

Verdict- if you want a good camera phone, a numeric keypad and a candy bar design- this phone's the best in the market for you. For any other features- you may want to rethink.

posted on 30 Jun 2011, 05:31

4. Bhushan (unregistered)

I have been using ELM for almost 1.5 years. Its a nice phone not outstanding among other phone with same prize tag, but the feel of phone is nice camera and sound can be better as compare to Ericsson standard. Overall a phone for Sony Ericsson lovers not for others. I have with my phone...

posted on 07 Jul 2011, 11:07

5. Rhianna (unregistered)

This phone sucks.the camera is good but a bit dark & the sound from the loudspeaker is awful. The only good thing about this phone is the keypad,wifi & gps.

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