Sony Ericsson C702 Review


All latest Sony Ericsson´s phones, from midrange up, share something in common – friendly, likeable interface that allows you to personalize your device in a snap, including menu layout and we aren´t talking only about the way icons appear. The only difference the Sony Ericsson C702 brings out is due to the built-in GPS receiver that is far from being widely spread on cell phones and will definitely help you not to lose your way in faraway lands. The phone also comes preloaded with some decent navigation apps – Google Maps, Wayfinder Navigatior and Tracker that comes in handy if you are into morning jogs. Although the latter function is really fascinating, we just need to give credit where credit is due and tell you how happy we are with the second one. Wayfinder is a full-fledged navigation system that when coupled with a fast GPS receiver like this one (hot start requires less than 4 seconds) allows hassle free, spot-on operation. That we couldn´t get it to process requests like “get me to the best sushi bar that´s nearby” is bad enough, but there is even worse, it will be working free of charge for just several months and duration of the shareware period depends on which country you have bought the phone in.

Camera and Multimedia:

Of course the emphasis, at least when it comes to a phone with the Cyber-shot logo on it, falls on camera itself. It delivers a range of settings, most of which are accessible through four shortcuts buttons. The interface retakes the Sony Ericsson C905 and lets you change the shooting mode, white balance, focusing algorithm or pick out from various effects. You also have the GeoTag function that thanks to the GPS can provide pictures with locale information. Just another way to tease you friends showing off snapshots you have taken at the Carnival in Rio.

If you are intent on similar surreptitious activities, you better sign up for social network services. Despite pictures look a bit colorless and burnout, their quality is just fine for blogging. Taking a closer look reveals that even outdoor pictures are rather noisy and unpleasant. The ones shot indoors are not to be circulated among the public under no circumstance. What is even weirder is the fact that the upper left corner of all images tend to be blurry.

Video capture capability is limited to merely QVGA resolution at 30 frames per second, while colors are so hollow that objects have a ghost look to them.

There is not much to say about the multimedia menu – it brings together music and video player, installed games and web feeds. As a whole, audio quality is acceptable, although sound lacks depth no matter whether you´re using a pair of earphones or the built-in loudspeaker. You would hardly find yourself watching videos on the video player, ever, since it only supports H.263 coded content and it simply cannot deliver decent image quality.

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