Siemens CF62 (CF62T) review

I'll start with the phone's abysmal speed. Missing Bluetooth or IrDA option I can bear. Not very one needs to synchronize their address book with a PC, or need to send stuff between phones. But everyone is sending text messages or browses menus and having to put up with very sluggish response is not what I will expect from a new phone, being even an entry level one. The speed problem is the only thing that really bothered me a lot. Otherwise, the phone had very decent RF (signal) strength and performed satisfactory. The sound quality was very clear on both ends of the line. The speakerphone was not the best I have heard but it was performing OK for a phone of this level.

Siemens CF62T with its dynamic lights, unique design and functionality is primarily oriented towards the young audience. Even though it is considered entry-level device, CF62T still sports most features found in mid-range phones. Exceptions are the connectivity options – no IrDA or Bluetooth. The CF62T's main drawback is its abysmal speed performance and keyboard (at least on one of the two phones I had for my tests).


  • Dynamic lights
  • Feature set
  • Design


  • Low Low Speed
  • Display
  • Keypad

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CF63 / CF62 / CF62T
  • Display 130 x 130 pixels
  • Battery 600 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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