Siemens CF62 (CF62T) review

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As the name implies, all your pictures, sounds, games, extras, color theme (shouldn't it be under display settings?) are here. Just don't try to play any games – it takes 3 minutes to see the first game picture, and 4:30 minutes to actually be able to start playing the game. The JBenchmark's score is the lowest of all Siemens phones and is between 231 (highest) and 159 (lowest). For comparison, the fastest one is the SX1 with highest score of 1971.

JBenchmark 1.0 (total)231
2D shapes78
3D shapes36
Fill Rate13

4:30minuts wait time to start a game

If I was Siemens, I would have removed the games altogether instead of to embarrass myself with such load times. Also, some very frequently accessed features like the Alarm Clock, Calculator and Voice Command are dug in under My Stuff / Extras. All those should have been placed under Organizer. The rest of the features under extras are the currency-converter, stop-watch with intermediate results and the count-down timer.


The C62T features very decent organizer with the regular functionality such as monthly views, weekly views and daily views. Up to 500 different events can be stored.


  • Profiles – you can choose and customize several different ones. You can customize the sounds, the dynamic light, screen brightness, illumination etc.
  • Display – you can choose your langueage – English , Spanish, French
    , active the T9, select your background image, color scheme ((blue, brown, light blue, yellow)
    setup the screensaver, enable large fonts if you have problem reading the screen, adjust the contrast or brightness(illumination).
  • Call setup – allows you to setup the called ID, call waiting, call fording, clam-shell open auto-answer or the minute beep
  • Clock – time zones, time/date formats



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CF63 / CF62 / CF62T
  • Display 130 x 130 pixels
  • Battery 600 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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